Exquisite time nostalgic style Brief review of the US helmsman series “inheritor” long kinetic energy pulse meter watch

In the eyes of the majority of watchmakers, the Midea helmsman series has always been a series of watches with vertical stripes, large scales, and styles for outdoor leisure, but this year, the United States brought a retro-style helmsman series wristwatch. The watch, called the Meidu Helmsman series “Inheritor” long-acting pulsometer watch, is almost completely different from the previous Helmsman series. So what kind of watch is this, why is it so different?

In the 1930s, when the helmsman series came out, the watch was just popular. The watch at that time mainly used the classic design style of the pocket watch period, with classic and functional. The US Helmsman series was born in 1934. At this time, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which symbolizes the great achievements of human construction, has just been built for two years. The appearance of the US Helmsman series is intended to highlight the idea that the United States and the Sydney Harbour Bridge coincide. – A perfect combination of design and functionality. Therefore, we can see that the helmsman series has simple elements, classic appearance, and a sense of design while emphasizing outstanding performance.


This year is the 85th anniversary of the helmsman series. This number is quite shocking. After all, a series can last for 85 years, which is quite rare. Therefore, this year, Mido specially launched the helmsman series of long-acting kinetic pulsometer watches, featuring “inheritance” to describe the long history of the helmsman series. The new helmsman series inheritor long-acting pulsometer watches are available in a variety of styles, and this blue dial watch is a distinctive personality, the color collision will always make people more bright.

The 40 mm stainless steel case is designed with a narrow bezel, which gives the dial a large enough space and is very atmospheric. The many retroelements on the dial instantly return to the distant era of post-war recovery, which makes people think.


The track-like dial design style, coupled with the usual pointer style of the early train pocket watches, is full of retro feeling. The arched mirror is the classic design style of the early acrylic material period. These chronological elements are combined with the color collision that symbolizes the modern personality, which stimulates the unique visual beauty.


At 12 o’clock on the dial, Mido re-elected the italic logo style used by the brand in the early days to pay tribute to the golden age.

At the edge of the dial, Mido has designed a simple pulsometer function. In the age when medical equipment is not developed, watches with pulsometer function are often standard on the medical staff, which can quickly and conveniently measure the patient’s pulse and help diagnose. Conventional pulsometers generally use 30 times of heart rate as a standard to calculate the pulse through the required time. It is a very practical professional function.


The stainless steel case is connected to four lugs with curved curvature. The ears are sharp and angular, showing a certain dynamic style of the helmsman series.


The classic case curve is natural, the three-layer structure design, the layering is distinct, and the mercerizing effect also brings the excellent tough men’s style effect to the watch. From the side, we can also see the retro design of the curved mirror and the moderate case thickness of about 12 mm.


The case is designed with a classic round crown at 3 o’clock, and the distinctive non-slip texture ensures comforwatch and smooth operation.


Patina rubbing process of ginger leather strap


As a modern watch, it is natural to have modern features of beauty. The watch is paired with a ginger-colored Patina-brushed leather strap that not only evokes youthfulness in color but also naturally discolors during the future wearing, presenting a unique time “imprint”. The strap is matched with a stainless steel pin buckle, which is easy to operate, safe and secure, and most importantly, because the pin buckle is less than the thickness of the lower part of the wrist, it is more comforwatch.


In addition to these wonderful elements of the surface we saw, Mido installed a high-performance movement – the Caliber 80 movement. This fully automatic mechanical movement has 80 hours of kinetic energy storage, and the full chain can run continuously for more than three days. If you don’t want to wear a watch on the weekend, you can set it aside. It will still be accurate on Monday, so you don’t have to worry about stopping. go. It is such a practical performance that this movement has a natural advantage and becomes a very important basic movement.

The new Meidu Helmsman series “Inheritor” long-acting pulsometer watches are simple in design, work fine and show exquisite time. At the same time, the watch retains the classic elements of the series, the luminous hands and the large Arabic numerals, and the contrast color design, in addition to inheriting the history, reflects the unique personality of the modern helmsman series. The watch is priced at RMB 6400. It is very cost-effective and is now available. You can go to the US and offline counters to experience the purchase.

Montblanc’s future path, try to be bold and innovative

On July 18, 2019, the world premiere of the Montblanc 2019 New Ladies Watch was held at the 1862 Fashion Art Center in Shanghai. As the main push series watch for this year’s ladies’ watch, the new Breguet women’s watch has attracted attention. The exquisite and elegant shape design combined with the exquisite craftsmanship is tailored to the exquisite and independent women of the modern city. Interview with Vincent Montalescot, Executive Vice President of Montblanc Global Marketing, to discuss issues related to Montblanc and its new women’s watch collection.

What is the biggest highlight of this year’s Breguet new products? Where is the difference from the previous model?


Mr. Vincent Montalescot: The biggest highlight of this year’s Montblanc brand new Breguet watch is, of course, the self-made movement perpetual calendar watch. This watch adopts the brand’s self-made movement, which was released after three years of research and development, and limited to 100 pieces worldwide. The other two watches of the Breguet series, the day and night display, and the full-time watch, are also very personal. More importantly, the concept of this year’s Breguet series, the choice of a watch depends on the consumers themselves, everyone will have their own style, consumers can choose watches according to their own style. Match it. In addition, the Breguet series of ultra-thin watches with complex features of the external frame tourbillon launched last year is also a highlight of this series.


As far as the Breguet series is concerned, what is the age composition of Chinese female consumers?


Mr. Vincent Montalescot: If you want to talk about the consumer age core of the Breguet series, it is probably in the range of 25 to 40 years old. In my opinion, all the watches of the Breguet series can be targeted at modern women of different ages, such as our brand friends Wu Jinyan and Qin Yu, who belong to different age ranges and are also representatives of independent women in modern cities. This means that your character and your career determine which watch to choose and what style to use to interpret your own characteristics.


Will Montblanc launch more young products for young people in the future?


Mr. Vincent Montalescot: Montblanc has launched a number of products for young people, such as the 1858 series, which is a sporty watch; the SUMMIT 2 smartwatch is now very popular and sought after by young people. In addition, young people are now more and more fond of travel. For the suitcase products, we launched a joint limited-size suitcase with Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli in April this year. At the beginning of July, Montblanc and BAPE (note: the famous street fashion brand born in Harajuku, Japan) launched the new Montblanc BAPE® limited edition bag and leather accessories series. We can see that Montblanc has been continuously launching products for young people from watches, leather goods to bags.


This year, the brand invited celebrities from different fields and KOL on the occasion of the launch of the new Montblanc Collection. What are the common life concepts between the Breguet series and them?


Mr. Vincent Montalescot: The theme of this Montblanc Ladies Watch is #My Life.My Decision. My heart is me#. Modern young people like to express their own demands and show their own personality. Montblanc presents us with a diversity of products, which is very important, indicating that different products in the same series can meet the different needs of consumers. For example, this new Breguet watch is paired with a strap of different colors, consumers can choose their different styles according to their mood, according to different occasions to interpret their style.


It is understood that you have a lot of experience in other industries before, especially in terms of brand marketing strategy. Do these experiences have any reference in the high-end watch industry?


Mr. Vincent Montalescot: The previous experience that brought me to Montblanc is how to talk to young consumers and how to maintain a common language with them. It is very important that we learn to listen to the voices of consumers and put consumers at the center rather than putting the brand at the center. Because by listening to consumers, we can gain insight into what young people like and use to adjust strategies. For example, we just said that when the Montblanc BAPE® limited-edition bags and leather accessories series was launched in early July, the shops of Shanghai CITIC Pacific Plaza were arranged in front of a long queue. Young people are becoming more and more fond of our products, which is what we hope to see.


Another point is that when we communicate with young consumers, we know what channels young consumers like to get information and make. We can build emotional bonds with them and achieve emotional connections.All in all, for me, being able to listen to the voices of consumers, discover and insight into their preferences, and establish a smooth communication bridge with them, this is some constructive advice that I can bring to Montblanc.


Summary: Today, consumption tends to be younger, and Montblanc is constantly immersed in young people in the market, especially in the Chinese market. But how to get more and more young consumers to pay is still a huge challenge.


With the gradual emergence of the main consumer groups after the 90s and 00s, they have a distinct personality, have a strong self-awareness, and are accustomed to the emerging purchase method of online shopping. Therefore, the brand not only tends to be younger in product design but also opens. The e-commerce platform has formed a good communication bridge with the younger generation. However, while targeting the younger generation, you should also be aware that you cannot cater to the market. Innovating in the classics, inheriting in the innovation, retaining the most in-depth characteristics of the bone marrow, both the younger generation and the consumers of other age groups.

The artistic style under the contemporary trend Swatch 2019 autumn and winter new hot hit

On July 25, 2019, the Swiss watch brand Swatch held a new 2019 autumn and winter watch release conference in Shanghai. The event showcases a number of exquisite fashion timepieces, each of which perfectly displays the new concept of current trend aesthetics. The distinctive design style makes each watch contain a soul-like artistic style.


SWATCH 2019 autumn and winter new product launch site

The BAU SWATCH series, which was launched by the Swatch brand, is the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus art style. This year, the brand has specially integrated art and technology to launch the new 2019 BAU SWATCH series. Watch.


SWATCH 2019 autumn and winter new product launch site

In 1919, the charming Bauhaus art style was born, founded in a German design school, and later developed into a modern art movement featuring unique architectural styles and design techniques.

Swatch combines the innovation and fun design concept of Bauhaus’s artistic charm with the simple three primary colors and simple and smooth lines as the design inspiration of BAU SWATCH, leading the public to reproduce the classics of the 20th century. The BAU SWATCH watch is at the same time. It was all listed in July this year.


This collection shows the most beautiful human culture of the time, with a strong ethnic style in every watch – paisley vortex texture, floral, lace or geometric patterns.

Swatch’s new LOVE YOUR FOLK watch is designed with an exquisite and fun design. This watch is more suiwatch for autumn and winter clothing. It is expected to be launched in September this year.


The collection features a gorgeous sparkling artistic character, with Gothic black and red tones, a large decorative brocade, and a blend of Swatch’s relaxed and fun design style, showing an era of aristocratic age in the square. Aristocratic costumes, court designs, etc. are very suiwatch for wearing a variety of luxurious clothing, but also can be used as beautiful trend jewelry to decorate their wrists.

The above is the 2019 new autumn and winter watch presented by Swatch. The BAU SWATCH series watches are all on the market. Interested friends don’t put them in the store to try them out. Let’s feel the uniqueness brought by Bauhaus art. The style, coupled with the price positioning of the people, how can such a charming watch be missed?

The watch is in the water. Is this really reliable?

In daily life, it is very normal for the watch to enter the water. However, how should the watch be handled correctly when it enters the water? Take a look.


  1. Is it really reliable to do this after the watch enters the water?


Put in rice


After the watch enters the water, the watch is placed directly in the rice. This is the method circulating on the Internet, but is it really useful?


Since the lower bottom cover and the watch are completely sealed, the water inside will definitely have a large amount of water vapor inside, so if you really want to thoroughly clean the residual moisture inside, only pull out the crown, but If it is put into the rice, the rice dust inside will be absorbed into the movement of the core of the watch, which will affect the normal function of the movement. Therefore, the watch is put into the rice after entering the water. Not very reliable.


  1. Seal the desiccant with the watch


Sealing the desiccant with the watch, this method sounds very reasonable. After all, the food we usually eat is also used to retain the water through the desiccant.


However, before we can think about it, the evaporation of water requires certain conditions. Only in the environment of high temperature and air circulation, the water can evaporate more quickly. If our watch enters the water, it will be Sealing it with the desiccant, the watch is completely in a tight airtight state, such an environment can not help to remove the evaporation of water in the watch, because the watch after entering the water is sealed with the desiccant At the time, the evaporation and direction of the internal environment inside are not changed at all, so it is not possible to completely remove the moisture from the watch.


  1. Put the watch after entering the water in reverse


Wearing the watch in reverse is also a suggested method of communication on the Internet. Its main purpose is to completely evaporate the moisture in the mirror by the temperature on our body.


However, there is no scientific basis for doing so. Why? Because if you understand the detailed design structure in our watch, you will understand that it is not reliable, and this way the watch is worn in reverse, have you considered the feeling of the strap? This will cause damage to the strap.

  1. Bake with a light bulb and blow-dry with a hairdryer


Bake it with a light bulb or blow it directly with a hairdryer. Using the principle of heating the watch after entering the water, the water vapor inside will slowly disappear, which seems to be quite reasonable.


However, there are many high-end watches that are better sealed, so the residual moisture inside is not so easy to discharge. If the residual water vapor is not discharged, it will cause a great hidden danger to the use of the movement. If the spare parts in the long part will rust or have abnormal functions, then such maintenance costs may be higher, so this method is only a simple solution to the problem.


In summary: the above methods all sound very simple and very practical, but it can be guaranteed that these methods can not completely discharge the moisture inside the watch, so it is still necessary Careful handling.


Second, the correct treatment of the water into the watch


If the watch really enters the water and wants to achieve the standard and cure the problem, the only way is to send the watch to the watch shop immediately after entering the water, let it wipes the oil, remove the residual moisture in the movement, so as not to cause the internal parts to rust.


The content that I shared with you today is here. Thank you for your continued support.

Buy some misunderstandings of watches

There is a lot of attention to picking a watch that suits you. It’s not as simple as buying pork in the market, especially something symbolic like a watch.


How many mistakes to buy a watch


  1. I feel that the mechanical watch must be better than the quartz watch.


Many love watchmen think mechanical watches are better than quartz watches, but you are wrong, because quartz watches are more swatch than mechanical watches, punctuality, and we often see quartz watches in some of the big classic series. The price is slightly more favorable than the mechanical watch of the same paragraph, so it is very practical to use a quartz watch without shame.


  1. The pursuit of the top ten watches


The ten famous watches have been born a few decades ago, and the brands that consumers have known for decades are quite limited. Now there are new products coming out, and not necessarily famous brands. The high price means that its value is also worth the price.

  1. Never worn watch


Whether it is a big international brand or a domestic one, it will claim that even if you use it for a long time, there will be no signs of wear and tear. Therefore, the desire to buy the watch is caused by this statement. Okay, please, drop Much, the stone will wear Luo, not to mention your watch, so that this statement is purely arrogant, does not exist, I tell you, even if you wear expensive watches for a long time, more or less will appear Some wear and tear phenomenon.


  1. Waterproof awareness


Not long ago, I saw a funny thing on a social forum. I saw a user said in the post that the watch he bought himself had a waterproof 300-meter mark, but to that When he washed his hands, the so-called waterproof 300-meter watch actually went into the water. I saw that all of them were laughing. Funny, some ordinary watches are waterproof about 30-50 meters, but they still can’t wear them to swim. Even when washing your hands, be careful, try not to let the water wet the watch.


  1. Hong Kong’s foreign watches must be very cheap


Many things in Hong Kong are tax-free because they are tax-free, so it is definitely cheaper, but then again, this does not mean there is no such thing as fakes. Maybe there are quite a lot of fakes.


Foreign countries don’t necessarily have to be very cheap. Some watchs are similar to our domestic ones, and maybe even more expensive.


  1. Buy online


Since e-commerce is more developed now, some people will choose to buy watches online, but don’t forget that luxury accessories like watches are easy to buy. The product is not easy to buy and sell. I bought it online.


The above is about some small things when everyone buys a watch. I hope that everyone can help, so today’s content is here. Thank you for your support and attention.

Zenith and watch Rover together

Not long ago, Zenith was based on the DEFY Classic model and launched the DEFY Classic Range Rover special edition with the Land Rover Range Rover.


The size of the watch is 41mm, which combines many design elements from Land Rover. The turquoise blue second’s hand and balance wheel are inspired by Land Rover’s steering wheel and seat. The hollow dial is inspired by Land Rover’s car wheels. It is equipped with a 670 SK movement and is stored for 48 hours. Seeing the details in detail.


The executives of both sides also carried out a wave of commercial blows. Land Rover’s chief designer Gerry McGovern said: “This is a landmark watch designed to pay tribute to the cooperation between Land Rover and Zenith.” Juli Tornare, CEO of Zenith, claimed: “If it is a force, it is a car. Car, it will definitely become a Land Rover Range Rover! We are all regarded as coordinates in their respective fields, all with the same values ​​and certain key features, including charm, superb technology, and excellent performance, all based on tradition and dedication to innovation. Inspired by the past while firmly looking to the future.”


Elegant and humble three gentleman watches recommended

Men who have a gentlemanly style are fascinating. They are often modest and refined, showing many excellent qualities of men and fascinating. The same is true of watches with a gentlemanly style. Elegant and exquisite, quite connotative, mature and dignified, this watch can not only become the help and companionship of the wearer’s life but also show his taste and spirit. Today, the watch house recommends three elegant and restrained, gentlemanly watches.


Cartier DRIVE DE CARTIER series WGNM0004 watch

Watch Comments: I remember when Cartier Drive de Cartier was just listed, due to Zhang Zhen’s endorsement, it was really a smash hit. In the past two years, Cartier’s new series and new models have been launched at a high frequency, but this series has been forgotten. In fact, the Drive de Cartier series is still very characteristic, the cushion-type case is full of personality, the movement is also equipped with Cartier’s self-made automatic movement, plus the iconic Roman scale, the whole watch gives a feeling of calm, high-grade, texture Full. I think that a gentleman, wearing such a watch, is still very elite.


Breguet classic series 5157BB/11/9V6 watch

Watch Comments: To say what kind of watch, elegant, low-key and advanced, I can always think of Breguet, Breguet is a benchmark brand of Swiss watchmaking, but it has its own characteristics. First of all, it has a very pure European bloodline, classic Roman time scales, enamel dials, blue steel enamel needles, Breguet classic lugs, and the side of the coin-print case, and most Swiss wrists on the market. The watch has very different differences. Baodi 5157 is a brand-name classic dress watch, low-key 18K white gold case, plus black crocodile leather strap, quite elegant, Breguet movement is more beautiful, polished enough delicate, very beautiful.


Piaget ALTIPLANO series G0A35131 watch

Watch Comments: The watch brand is famous for its elegant dress style. The count is obviously one. The name of the count is very cheap in Chinese. In history, the count represents the nobility, so the count is in the country. The reputation is still relatively high. The Earl also has outstanding achievements in the ultra-thin field. The ultra-thin watch greatly enhances the elegant attributes of the watch. This Piaget ALTIPLANO series watch is only 5.25 mm thick and is a classic in the ultra-thin watch. Exquisite workmanship, whether it is wearing experience or brand grade, is a perfect dress watch.


Summary: Men who don’t want to have a high-class and elegant watch, although the sports watch is very hot, the dressing watch is always a man’s dream, the fearless time, and even the inheritance of the connotation, is unmatched by the sports watch, If you want to start with a high-end day-fit list, it’s better to look at these models.

Hublot Big Bang Embroidered Candy Skull Watch Shows extraordinary strength

With its unparalleled integration, the Big Bang watch has become the creative example of the Swiss watchmaking brand HUBLOT. Upon its launch, it has broken all the established rules and demonstrated the extraordinary strength of creating unique classics. The Big Bang embroidered candy skull watch recreates the true meaning of the “integrated art” with women’s confident atmosphere and peak creativity.

Like the evolution of everything in nature, Hublot has always insisted on advancing with the times and is committed to connecting the past and the future with a revolutionary design and material integration. The strap is boldly made of natural rubber, the first to create “Magic Gold”, and the unprecedented use of denim fabrics for fine watchmaking, Hublot is constantly creating new possibilities for the evolution of watches… Inspired by more forward-looking fashion elements combined with haute couture customization, Hublot has created a wrist jewel designed for trendy women – traditionally embroidered with candy colors and skull patterns and vine patterns. Sweet and lively and sexy and flattering in the wrist!

Through an inexhaustible source of inspiration and amazing expression techniques, Hublot will transform the traditional St. Gallen embroidery art from Switzerland, showing the independence of modern women through the modern sense of skull and free vines. The personality and a variety of bright colors make the newly launched Big Bang embroidered candy skull watch extraordinary creativity.


From the trend of the 2016 fashion T-stage, the Big Bang embroidered candy skull watch combines turquoise, sea soul blue, light pink, purple-red, bright yellow, orange-red, purple-blue in the visual design, and makes the fusion The colorful silk threads in the embroidered silk pieces shine with a touching metallic luster, showing a colorful color that sparkles. The 41mm case is made of black ceramic, and the minimalist design expresses a fascinating and attractive power. At the same time, the dial is decorated with a skull pattern, and the scales and bezel are inlaid with red spinel, with colorful arabesque on the strap to create a contrasting color feast.

The new stunning masterpieces showcase the optimistic confidence and glamour of fashionable women.


Big Bang embroidery candy skull watch technical parameters


No.: 343.CS.6599.NR.1213


Limited release: 200 pieces


Case: 41 mm diameter, black polished ceramic


Dial: carbon fiber and transparent yarn embroidery, scaled with 11 red spinel inlays


Pointer: black processing


Bezel: 6 H-shaped black PVD titanium screws, inlaid 36 red spinels


Mirror: sapphire mirror coated with anti-reflective coating


Movement: HUB1110 mechanical automatic movement


Power reserve: about 42 hours


Number of parts: 63 (21 rubies)


Waterproof: 10 standard atmospheres (approximately 100 meters underwater)


Strap: Candy-colored skull satin embroidered lined with black natural rubber

Longines Lango series – full of exotic flavors, revealing intoxicating feelings

Longines (LONGINES) is a company founded by Ernest Francillon in St. Amir, Switzerland. Its origins date back to the 1930s, and Longines also has the oldest registered trademark (an hourglass with wings). Longines belongs to the Swiss Swatch Group. Longines is famous for its “flying home” watch and is one of the world’s top waterproof watches. Longines focuses on technical research and excellence, and its Lange series is even more extraordinary.


Longines Lango Series: exotic style reveals intoxicating feelings

The Longines Lango series was launched in 2004 and this collection is full of exotic flair. It is understood that the design of this series is inspired by the resorts in the Mediterranean, and it is full of intoxicating feelings in terms of appearance and function.


LungoMare means the waterfront in Italian. Through simple, clear lines and contrasting design, Longines hopes to express the energy and unique style of modern young people, as well as the feelings of the rate. The Longines Lange series, which is based on the line-up of Art Deco style, is the melodious and dynamic Caribbean style.

Longines Lango Series: creative design is simple and stylish

As early as the 20s and 30s, Longines has incorporated the ever-increasing Art Deco design art into its watches, creating an “outer inner circle” case design. This creative and simple design has been popular since the 20th century until now. However, the Longines official website, which likes to create new surprises, entered the 21st century and was determined to add new elements to its classic Art Deco work, infecting young pioneers with creativity.


In order to add a sense of freshness to the Longines Longines collection, Longines has used new designers. Graduated from the La-Chaux-de-Fonds Art School in Switzerland, the young designers turned their designs in the 1930s with the avant-garde vision and creativity. From the new interpretation, a new face is created, and the bright steel and elegant lines between the case and the bezel highlight the rich contour of the surface. The Longines Longue series “Holding a good moment” imagines yourself in the beach of Lido in Venice, Italy, in the small town-style Ostia, in the bar of Baie des Anges, or in the high-class club of Monte Carlo. Enjoy an elegant and relaxed life!


Longines Lango Series: fine carving enhances bright and elegant temperament

With bright steel, Longines Longgo series has male and female styles, which caters to the modern experience of the watch. Inspired by the waterfront, the Lango series is, of course, accessible to the water! Water-resistant to 330 feet (100 meters), stainless steel strap. Longines price Lange series watch series, the surface of the detailed straight engraving, to enhance the elegant elegance of the body to perfection; the slightly extroverted upright minute engraving makes this perfect more three-dimensional.


The surface quality of the Longines Lango watch is silver or black, 8 lines of time and extra-large 6, 9 and 12 Arabic numerals and date display at 3 o’clock. Longines official website plus surface outer ring The minute engraving and the chronograph second hand form a sleek and simple surface. The women’s and medium-sized models have an L152 quartz movement, while the men’s style features an L157 quartz movement.


Longines Lango Series: precision timing button with a quartz chronograph movement

The Longines Lango series features a pair of chronograph buttons on a chronograph watch that perfectly contrasts with the central crown. As a fashion watch collection, the Longines Lango collection is also available in a chronograph style. Built-in L541 quartz chronograph movement, its 1/10 second chronograph disc is set at 2 o’clock position, with a pair of buttons on both sides of the crown, with small seconds and date display at 6 o’clock, and 12 at 10 o’clock The hourly cumulative disk allows you to accurately grasp every moment.

TAG Heuer launches Manchester United Triple Crown Commemorative Watch

[July 24, 2019, Shanghai] Swiss pioneer watch brand TAG Heuer TAG Heuer officially released the Carrera series during the pre-season tour of Manchester United in Shanghai. Commemorating Manchester United’s 20th anniversary of the historic Triple Crown in the 1998/99 season. In the same year, Manchester United not only won the Premier League and the FA Cup in the same season but also won the UEFA Champions League, a major event in Europe. Gui, successfully crowned the “three crowns” glory. As a member of the legendary team that won the Triple Crown, and one of Manchester United’s most outstanding players, Denis Irwin and the current Manchester United first-team player Tahith Chong, Victor · Victor Lindelof and Aaron Wan-Bissaka presented this new commemorative watch.

At the same time, TAG Heuer and Manchester United jointly announced the continuation of the partnership. TAG Heuer has been the official timekeeper of this legendary football club since 2016, and this renewal means that the Swiss pioneer watch manufacturer will continue to help Manchester United.

Minna Philipson, vice president of brand communication at TAG Heuer, said: “Tiger TAG Heuer has always maintained a deep relationship with the sports industry and is committed to improving performance through innovative timing technology. Today, we are very excited to continue this vision and continue with Manchester United. The relationship between TAG Heuer and Manchester United has the same passion, and the pursuit of commitment and absolute precision, the cooperation between the two sides can be described as a natural fit. 20 years ago, Manchester United’s realization of the ‘Triple Crown’ is a milestone glory moment, we also look forward to continuing my cooperation journey through the joint efforts of both teams.”


Limited to 99 pieces, tribute to the glory of the historic “Triple Crown”


This sporty watch features the brand-made Heuer 01 automatic movement with a black opal dial and the Manchester United logo on the 9 o’clock dial. The case is made of black PVD coated steel with a black ceramic bezel and a beige central seconds hand. The red leather-lined rubber strap is finished with black stitching, reflecting the bright red color of this famous English club. The same red design elements are also applied to the outer edge of the 60-second scale and the back of the Carrera series name and movement model. The transparent case back reveals the beauty of the mechanical rhythm of the in-house innovative movement. The sapphire crystal is printed with a shield logo and the beige “1999 – THE TREBLE – 20 YEARS” and “1 OF 99” lettering.


This limited-edition watch will only produce 99 pieces and will be available at TAG Heuer boutiques in China and the UK, as well as on China’s e-commerce platforms Jingdong Mall, Tmall Mall, and Manchester United’s official online platform.


Hollow calendar dial between 3 o’clock and 4 o’clock, black gold minute and hour counter, black gold hour markers, and hands, covered with black SuperLuminova® fluorescent coating and beige lacquer, beige lacquered central pointer



Red crocodile leather-lined rubber strap, titanium folding clasp