How Much Is The Olivia Burton Watch? What Grade Does The Olivia Burton Watch Belong To?

Olivia Burton price range: 70 pounds to 150 pounds

Olivia Burton, a fashion watch brand launched in London in 2012. Two designers, Lesa Bennett, and Jemma Fennings found that the market lacked such a moderately priced watch and created Olivia Burton in one shot. The designer created the brand to highlight the personality and charm of women. Each watch incorporates a large number of inspiration and fashion trends, highlighting the brand’s iconic style, exquisite style, and excellent workmanship. Olivia Burton’s style is simple and generous, not too exaggerated. The designer is good at making a fuss on the dial, and the lively design is full of gentleness. The most representative is the flower series and the animal series.

Some people call it “Alice in Wonderland”, whether it is a retro ukiyo-e drawing filled with flowers, worms, and small animals, or embossed daisies and bees, all like art. Miss Bee is from Olivia Burton’s classic collection, inspired by the flowering bees in the English countryside, and is considered one of Olivia Burton’s iconic designs. The most eye-catching garden protagonist, the combination of floral patterns and dials is perfect and impeccable. With the “fantastic watch” as the promotion concept, adding Japanese imported movement and cowhide material, not only the high face value is also a powerful faction, this full-screen ins wind is enough to prove Olivia Burton’s fashion status, follow the buy Buying is not wrong.

Olivia Burton is a luxury class.

If you are looking for a women’s watch that is both good-looking and not expensive on the market, then this girl’s heart is full of high-value watches Amway, you must accept it. Today, Xiaobian wants to plant grass for everyone. This is a brand that comes from the flower, and it is a cheap and fashionable watch. Olivia Burton, a watch brand from London, is definitely the new favorite of girls in recent years. I accidentally discovered that the brand Olivia Burton was captured by this rabbit. The price is very beautiful. It does not need to be piled up in thousands of pounds. It can find the girl’s heart that belongs to you less than £100. The petty white-collar workers and students can also win. The niche tide watch.

How To Identify The Quality Of Tissot Watches

1, Tissot watch quality: appearance parts

Tissot’s annual models have its design highlights, so how do we choose a good quality watch in so many well-designed styles? First, we must look at its appearance parts, which can be obtained from the Tissot watch case and watch. Check the mirror, dial and hour and minute hands.

Check what, check the case of Tissot watch without obvious scratches, the trachoma is asymmetrical; the position of the hole where the deaf is installed is centered and the depth of the hole is swatch; the mirror should have no defects and scratches, transparent and bright; three-needle installation Correct, there should be a correct safety gap between the needle and the needle, the mirror, and the dial; the dial and the pointer have a good finish and no marks.

[Twelve scales] Tissot watches do not know how to choose? How to identify the quality of Tissot watches

2, Tissot watch quality: pointer

It is recommended that the first purchase of the Tissot watch should be seen in the physical store. When checking, pay attention to check the position and spacing of the watch pointer. The watch pointer must have a certain safe distance from the watch and the dial to prevent the friction from affecting the normal position of the watch pointer. The method of operation and inspection is very simple. It is to observe whether the two pointers are at right angles when the minute and hour hands point to 3 and 9 o’clock and whether the two pointers are straight when pointing to 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock, and the two pointers point to 12 o’clock. Whether there is no deviation when they can be overlapped together.

[Twelve scales] Tissot watches do not know how to choose? How to identify the quality of Tissot watches

3, Tissot watch quality: sensitivity

Checking the sensitivity of the Tissot watch is to check the flexibility of the watch. The method of checking is also very simple. The Tissot watch that has not been struck by the spring has been gently shaken, and the force of the shaking is used to observe the movement of the second hand. If there is no problem, then slowly turn the head of the Tissot watch and observe the start of the second hand.

[Twelve scales] Tissot watches do not know how to choose? How to identify the quality of Tissot watches

4, Tissot watch quality: the last mechanism

Check if the top mechanism of the Tissot watch can be used normally. Under normal circumstances, the Tissot watch should be easier.

Only those who have contacted Tissot watches know the charm of the watch, so why are there so many watch fans, because the watch’s charm is discovered after understanding the watch, of course, after buying your favorite Tissot watch, remember to always maintain it. I found that the watch was abnormal and remember to take it in time for repair.

Why Is Hublot So Hot?

A horizontal comparison in today’s watch shows that most of the models can be divided into two factions: classic and trend.

Classics, dozens of hundreds of years of design that have never been changed, typical examples such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, etc.; trenders, emerging soon, breaking the routine, maverick, typical representatives such as RM, and what we are going to say today, Hublot.

There must be a statement in advance here, no matter the old school, there is no distinction between the old and the old, only about personal taste. Focusing on one point, you can be called a special feature.

The new wave of Hublot lies in its application to various new materials, which should be regarded as a unique one in the same price brand. The brand’s founding was also related to the material. In 1980, Hublot created the first time to combine the gold material with the rubber strap to create the “first time” of the watch history. Since then, it has been out of control and ran all the way on the road of developing new materials.

In the introduction of the person in charge, Hublot’s various black technology materials have been demonstrated. For example, Wang Jin, special titanium alloy, colorful ceramics, carbon fiber, magic gold, and even a rare sapphire case… I personally think that this should be the biggest weight of Hublot’s competition with the same price brand.

Later, the introduction came to another “new” place of Hublot: cross-border cooperation. Originally, the cross-border cooperation of watch brands was nothing new, but the special thing about Hublot lies in its cooperation. According to my personal comparison, many cross-border cooperation objects of luxury watches are biased towards niche, elegant, expensive, traditional fields such as equestrian, sailing, etc. The difference between Hublot is that it dares to Go to cross-border cooperation with some units that are biased towards the masses, the streets, and trendy, and more grounded. Of course, this is just a rough analysis of my personal presentation based on what I have heard. It is not absolute. There is no difference between these two directions.

Hublot’s cross-border cooperation is divided into two categories: sports and art.

One of the most classic collaborations in the sports world is cooperation with the football community. According to reports, before this, football has always been regarded as a civilian and street-based sport, so there are not many luxury watch brands that are willing to cooperate with it. Hublot has extended an olive branch to the football industry and has become a sponsor of a number of major events. He has chosen soccer celebrities such as Bailey, Mbale, and Mourinho as spokespersons, and is the pioneer in the same class.

In terms of art cooperation, Hublot’s choice of partners is also different from the traditional, relatively more “wild”, more street, and more trend. For example, the tattoo watch with the tattoo master Maxim Butch became one of the brand’s hottest watches and was often booked as soon as it was released. The few physical objects we saw on the scene were told that they had already “named flowers and masters.” It can be seen from this that Hublot’s cross-border cooperation is characterized by “young” and “avant-garde”.

Based on the above, we can see that the new material and the new cooperation are the most obvious features of Hublot, and it is also the “new wave” of it. In my opinion, this is the DNA of Hublot. When a brand has its own DNA, it can be distinguished from competitors at the same price and build a solid fan base and circle. From this perspective, Hublot will have a very strong vitality and good market potential in the future.

The 9-point window is the number of holes that can be calculated

Second, another point I am concerned about is the movement. I especially watched a few watches and had some exchanges with the brand side. The results were quite satisfactory. Now Hublot’s self-produced movements have made very good progress, such as the tourbillon, long power, and other technologies are very amazing, especially the 50-day long power has created a new record in the watchmaking world. If Hublot can continue to maintain such power on the movement, the future is worth looking forward to.

Before that, I also took a look at the new situation of Hublot at this year’s Pakistan show. According to my observation, the main series is a classic fusion series of round case with Ferrari cooperation and Big Bang Sang with the tattooist. The Bleu II series and the Spirit of Big Bang series of barrel-shaped cases are the mainstays, each of which maintains the characteristics of “new materials” and “new cooperation”. And my personal favorite is the Spirit of Big Bang series of barrel-shaped cases.

For personal taste, I Prefer a barrel-shaped shell. Take a look at the map I took and I will know that driving is not difficult. My wrist is relatively thin, and these models are all around 44~45mm, which still doesn’t look very big. It is also a very comfortable watch to wear.

Speaking of wearing feelings, it is worth mentioning that most of Hublot’s current models are based on rubber straps. We rarely saw a few belts at the scene, picked up a question, but still have another mystery. Originally, this strap was divided into two sides, the outward-facing side was the crocodile leather strap, and the side facing the wrist was a rubber strap. In this way, both the appearance of the belt and the actual wearing is still the experience of the rubber belt. (Anyone who wears a belt on a hot day knows what I am talking about)

In addition, the brand side also showed us a unique strap quick release system on the spot. The process of changing the strap is extremely fast: one button is used to remove the strap; the new strap is inserted into the recess and replaced. Finished. The whole journey is only one or two seconds.

I believe that many of my friends are as old as me, and I am still quite impressed with Hublot. In fact, there are quite a few places where this emerging brand is worth exploring and exploring.

Ok, what is your impression of Hublot?

Suggestions For Buying A Watch

For those who don’t have experience in buying watches and don’t know much about watches, what you need to consider before buying a watch is really annoying. Here are some suggestions for buying a watch. I hope it will help you.

1, it is recommended to buy waterproof watches, including second-hand watches, the case must be well sealed, some thin watch cases, especially women’s watches, many are also 18K gold shell, are not waterproof, these watches are usually It is a back cover that is pressed, and the seal is not strict, even dust, fiber, and other foreign matter can enter the watch. In the future, it is necessary to do maintenance frequently, and there will be many troubles.

2, do not buy gold-plated or two-color case strap, the current price of gold is high, the gold-plated layer of the watch is not thick, at most not more than 10 microns, usually between 3-5 microns, it is easy to be worn away, The watch will become very ugly, not as good as stainless steel; if it is ion-plated titanium, I am afraid that its color is not correct. The gold-plated watch head is the easiest to discolor, and then the rust is peeled off.

3, generally speaking, the additional indicator function of the watch is as small as possible, which is beneficial to improve the performance of travel time, so if there is no special need, you can have a single calendar, do not buy a double calendar watch, the calendar of many watches is a display, In addition, the pointer calendar and the small seconds watch are also a good choice. The classic style, the large window calendar watch (the ten-digit, one-digit number respectively), is prone to failure.

4, for the purchase of the watch of the special-shaped case should be cautious, you can not guarantee that its glass will not break in the future, it is difficult to match the original, if it is a super-arched high-grade sapphire glass, even if it can be matched, the price is quite Philippine, and flat round glass is the easiest to get or substitute.

  1. For watches with 18K white gold case, it is not recommended to buy, because the case and strap of most of these materials look like “white”, the outermost layer is rhodium-plated, once the coating is worn away. It will be found that the surface is somewhat yellowish, and the appearance of this type of watch cannot be modified and refurbished by sanding. After the yellowing, it must be re-plated.

6, the movement is great, especially mechanical watches, for example, a comprehensive travel performance of a 26 mm diameter movement, If the evaluation score is 100 points; then the same level and brand of a diameter of 20 mm movement (female movement), its integrated travel performance can only give 70 points. The ultra-thin watch movement is also thin, its travel performance and reliability are not as good as thicker, and the movement parts are more fragile. PIAGET’s 9P2 is an example.

7, the hollow movement is best not to buy automatic, hollow movement cleats low strength, poor support, if there is still a heavy automatic turret, but also to revolve, it is bound to have adverse effects on the movement and clearance of the movement of the movement It is easy to malfunction; therefore, the skeleton movement only buys the hand string, especially the relatively thin movement, which should be the case.

8, do not buy a watch that is too thick and too heavy, the so-called too large and too thick, is that the watch case is more than 40 mm. If the thickness exceeds 14 mm, the weight exceeds 200 grams. It feels quite “sinful” when wearing it. It is uncomfortable to watch with the wrist; there must be a phenomenon of disobedience and falling and sloshing; to say that the watch is really light and thin. The only comfort watch, as long as there is no special request, please try to choose a size that suits watch, don’t be too exaggerated, because exaggeration is never beautiful, there is a saying: “Shoes are put on, uncomfortable watch only feet know”, The same is true for watches.

Watch Purchase Knowledge

For the purchase of watches, I believe this is a problem that many wicked people who want to be able to watch are confused, especially for watch novices. Below I want to explain to you how to choose the right watch within your budget.

Because it is entry-level knowledge, the main discussion is the “entry-level luxury” watch, the price is above $300 (not capped).

Watches for $300 (including more than $300):

This price range may be wider to watch selection. For some people, the $300 amount is huge, and for others, it may be insignificant. If you belong to the former, the following content will help you.

1, sapphire lenses

The sapphire lens is mounted on the watch case to protect the dial from a transparent crystal. Most of the watches used are such lenses, which are made of mineral glass and are abrasion and scratch-resistant. The better the quality of the watch, the less susceptible the lens is to cracks.

2, a solid metal shell

After getting a watch, watch carefully and you will find that the quality of some cheap watches is not very good. Ordinary Swiss watches generally use 316 steel, and some use 912 steel, and the popular Rolex uses 904 steel. In addition, the case and bracelet links should be made of solid metal sheets instead of other common materials such as plastic or others.

  1. Swiss movement or Japanese movement (Japanese watch)

Switzerland is the birthplace of high-quality watch movements, and Japan is also strong in this regard. But there is a difference between the two. The movement of most Swiss watches comes from ETA, and the quartz movement comes from Ronda. Japan’s quartz movements perform better, usually from manufacturers such as Seiko, Citizen, and Casio. If the movement of a watch is not Japanese, then its movement is mostly Swiss. Japanese watches with Japanese movements tend to have the highest price/performance ratio, but there are quite a few other brands in the world that use Japanese movements.

  1. Is the watch component firm?

When you get a watch, you first feel it is solid from the whole. Of course, careful examination is required, including whether the strap and the wrist are attached, and the strap preferably has room for contraction. Put on your watch and see if the buckle is easy to use. If it is a watch with a rotating ring, it is best to twist the lower ring. At the same time, listen to the sound of the watch, do not appear extra noise.

5, watch design

In general, there are two types of people who design watches, one is a watch designer (a watchmaker), and the other is a designer in other industries. The best watches use the most basic watch design principles, and the pursuit of the value function and form design is consistent. At present, many fashion models look good, but the design is not satisfactory, and some watches even have wrong marks on the dial. A watch is a tool for decoration, so be sure to match the size of the wrist when choosing the size of the dial.

6, buckle

Usually, the cheap watch uses a metal bracelet and a single-lock buckle, and the buckle directly snaps into the bracelet. A good watch uses a double or triple lock (folding buckle).

7, weight

This concept is rather vague, because some people prefer heavy-duty watches, while others prefer lighter ones. The new material that has just appeared is lighter than steel, but at this price, it is most likely not of high-quality titanium. At this price, you can only find a general steel material. The heavier means the use of high-quality steel and the sturdy structure of the watch, so feeling the weight of the watch is also one of the ways to prove that the watch investment is reasonable.

8, signature or logo

Good watches pay great attention to the details, and each watch has been designed with great care. Many watches can see brand signature imprints, which are usually found in four places on the watch: the bottom cover, crown, clasp or strap. The way to “sign” can be different, but at this price level, you should use light laser engraving. High-priced watches have logos and graphics engravings. Cheap watches are usually displayed at the crown, which makes it clearer, but not unique.

9, luminous instructions

Not all watches have a luminous indicator function, but almost all sports watches will have it. The quality of the luminescent coatings varies widely. Early use of radium salts to make luminescent coatings, but due to the dangers caused by the radioactive properties of radium salts, is currently replaced by strontium. Recently, it has been replaced by a super-luminous coating that does not oxidize and is not hazardous to radioactivity.

10, unified pricing

Pricing must be considered when purchasing a watch, as many watch manufacturers indicate that the retail price has a price range. The retail price is only a limit, even if the authorized retailer says they have given you a discount. Some watches have only one or no discounts, but most watches, especially at this price level, will have a relatively low retail price. For example, the retail price of a watch is $500, and most retailers sell for $400. When buying, make sure to shop around for $400 instead of $450. What we mean by unified pricing means that prices do not change much.

Fine Replica Watch Cartier Purchase Channel

Cartier’s brand of watches, jewelry is the heart of many people, because this brand is still a luxury route, plus each product, whether it is work or quality, can stand the test, so won the hearts of the people. But the brand’s products are not affordable to anyone, so many people will choose to buy Cartier fine replica watches. So what is the purchase channel of Cartier’s replica watch, where can we buy it?

In order to buy a Cartier fine replica watch, there are still many channels to buy. First of all, you can order online. There are still a lot of online shop orders, and some can even do it for you after you place an order. There are also some websites that sell high replica watches. But the only thing to note is that you have to make sure that the source of supply is truly reliable, safe, and of good quality.

Speaking of buying a Cartier fine replica watch, one thing that can’t be ignored is that you have to carefully ask what the accessories of the watch itself are, and what kind of material is the watch strap. After all, the accessories are still very important. If the quality of the accessories is too bad, it is not durable when used, and it will affect the service life of the watch. So it is necessary to ask before you place an order.


Patek Philippe’s Top Ten Values

Patek Philippe’s unparalleled reputation and status in the eyes of watch connoisseurs not only stems from our exquisitely perfect timepieces and rich watchmaking knowledge and technology. Our undisputed extraordinary status also comes from the company’s philosophy of excellence in the creation of the watch since its founding in 1839. This spirit has already been integrated into our top ten values ​​and has become a symbol of Patek Philippe’s supreme quality. It has been passed down from generation to generation as our masterpieces of timepieces.


Patek Philippe is the oldest independent family watchmaking company in Geneva. Its independent status allows us to control our own destiny and always focus on our long-term goals. The company has a completely free creative space, which helps us to independently develop and manufacture watch movements according to our own quality standards while ensuring that our watches reflect our spirit of excellence in every aspect. Independence is the core concept of Patek Philippe spirit, ensuring that our products are traditional, reliable and trustworthy.

Respect for tradition

Founded in 1839, Patek Philippe has long been an important part of Geneva’s long and glorious watchmaking tradition. This is a brand story full of unique heritage, combining our rich watchmaking experience, exquisite genius design, and fiery work enthusiasm to ensure that these principles and craftsmanship are passed on and on. Today, our watchmakers still inherit a long tradition of craftsmanship. Day after day, we adhere to the exquisite status of high-end watchmaking art with the exquisite craftsmanship, precise sharpness and dexterous touch. These skills that have been passed down from generation to generation have been perfectly integrated with the most advanced processing techniques.

Innovation creation

We value the tradition and look to the future, so Patek Philippe continues to push the watchmaking art to new heights with its outstanding achievements in innovation and research and development. The more than 80 patents we have submitted fully demonstrate our outstanding position as a pioneer in the industry and its 20 inventions are of vital importance to the history of watchmaking. The Patek Philippe Seal we have created is also designed to keep pace with the times. This quality standard covers the future technological advancement and future development of the watchmaking industry and is committed to improving the mechanical function of the timepiece, long-term stability and precise travel time.

Quality process

When Antoine Norbert de Patek and Jean-Adrien Philippe founded Patek Philippe, they had the same goal: to develop and build the best timepieces in the world. Today, “excellent quality” and “exquisite craftsmanship” are still the strict guidelines of Patek Philippe’s various production links. Whether it is a movement or an external component, whether technical or aesthetic, whether it is every function of the timepiece or the accuracy of travel time, Patek Philippe’s current president, Terry Stern and his father, Patek Philippe’s honorary president, Philip Stern, will act as This is the ultimate guardian of the Patek Philippe imprint of the supreme quality standard.

Precious and rare

Patek Philippe’s timepieces are all precious and rare masterpieces. At present, we regularly produce more than 200 watches, all of which are produced in small quantities, ranging from tens of pieces to hundreds of pieces, equipped with our own self-developed movements. From design concepts to mechanical devices, these timepieces have a very special place in the eyes of watch lovers around the world. During the various stages of the development process and the months of manufacturing and decorating the watch, Patek Philippe has adopted extremely strict quality standards to ensure that every Patek Philippe watch becomes a rare and rare masterpiece of timepieces, highly appreciated by connoisseurs. Favor.

Permanent value

Due to the combination of extraordinary professional watchmaking knowledge and craftsmanship, a Patek Philippe watch is expensive, but even if it has been used for many years, its value is still unabated or even added value. It is a moment of existence and benefiting the future. precious. Many models of Patek Philippe have long been a model of timepieces, and the transaction price record is constantly refreshed at the auction. They have a good reputation in the eyes of collectors, especially the unique emotional value. In the eyes of many watchmakers, this unique value of Patek Philippe watches makes it a family treasure that is worthy of generations.

Craft aesthetics

Patek Philippe’s timepieces are not only highly accurate timepieces, but also an aesthetically pleasing aesthetic with an elegant look. The design is able to stand still in the rushing fashion torrent, forever its ultimate charm and modernity. Patek Philippe has established a unique style of low-key and restrained, timeless elegance, which perfectly combines individuality and stability, elegance and nobleness. This style gave birth to a watch with a simple design, distinctive personality and beautiful lines, many of which quickly became classics. Today, Patek Philippe, while retaining its unique charm, continues to make low-key modifications to its watches.

Quality service

In order to provide services that meet our brand image, Patek Philippe’s distribution network has been carefully screened. We currently have more than 500 retail stores in more than 70 countries and regions, all of which are screened to extremely strict standards. Patek Philippe believes that we are responsible for providing after-sales service of the highest quality standards, and thus it is one of the important standards for Patek Philippe imprint. For Patek Philippe watch owners, this means that timepieces will always receive our maintenance and attention, ensuring that their performance is as reliable as ever and passed down from generation to generation.

Emotional transmission

Listen to a Patek Philippe watch owner talking about his watch, and you will present a moving story full of sincerity and related care. The significance of the Patek Philippe timepiece has gone far beyond the simple timepiece function but has become a unique personal item soaked with precious memories. Buying Patek Philippe timepieces is often accompanied by an important moment of the individual, such as a successful career, a successful marriage, or the birth of a new life. Sending a Patek Philippe watch at this time is undoubtedly the best way to express love and care.

Passing quality

Having a Patek Philippe watch is a shining tradition that blends art and science. This tradition has been passed down to the present and will continue to ignite the inspiration for the birth of classic masterpieces. With a Patek Philippe watch, you enter the world of this family-owned company – a watchmaking company that inherits its father’s business, and each generation of operators has dedicated their lives to protecting their unique family heritage. With a Patek Philippe watch, it brings a treasure of extraordinary value and heritage to the whole family. It bridges the gap between the past and the future, indicating that you are creating your own traditions.

Jackson Yee Wear Baume & Mercier Watches

On December 17th, 2018, the new generation of super-popular idol Jackson Yee was wearing a red suit to attend the event, wearing a black turtleneck knit, warm and stylish. A Baume & Mercier Chrysler series watch 10453 points wrist, black calfskin strap with black dial, low-key and simple, showing the temperament, full of juvenile mature charm.

The 10,453-diameter Celebrity Watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement and is a contemporary timepiece that pays homage to precision traditional Swiss watchmaking. The polished steel hands slide gracefully over the dial, echoing the Roman numerals and the date display at 3 o’clock.

Celebrity Chrysler Series Watch 10453

RMB 12,800

About Baume & Mercier

Founded in 1830, the Swiss watch brand Baume & Mercier is committed to creating quality and restrained luxury watches. The celebrity is relentlessly pursuing harmony and balance, with the Greek letter Φ symbolizing balance and the golden section as the brand emblem. Each watch is designed according to the “4C (Comfort)” concept: comfortable visual design, comfortable wearing texture, the comfortable price for the people and intimate and comfortable after-sales service. Today, the brand’s core collections are the classic timeless Clifton and Clifton Club, the simple and elegant convention (Promesse), the sturdy and sturdy Classima, the charm of the charm. (Linea), the dynamic and elegant Capeland, and the harmonious and elegant Hampton. Life is about moments of the celebrity watch conveys the values ​​of brand joy, sharing, and lasting endurance. Baume & Mercier will be an intimate companion of precious moments in life, sharing warm, heart-warming moments such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation ceremonies, first-time work or family gatherings. Baume & Mercier presents the brand image with “Modern Gentleman”, inviting passionate and pursuing excellence, and sharing the emotions of contemporary celebrities to explore the mysterious world of famous watches. As a global ambassador of Baume & Mercier, Mr. Chen Kun has the same values ​​as Mingshi: sincerity, handed down, excellence, confidence, trust, and affinity.

Zenith And The Hip Hop Singer Co-tabulation

In recent years, major watch brands have paid more and more attention to e-commerce investment. Zenith recently teamed up with Grammy winner and famous hip-hop musician Swizz Beatz to launch a special edition of the Defy Classic Swizz Beatz watch, which is only sold online.

This watch is mainly orange and black with a diameter of 41mm, a thickness of 10.75mm and a water-resistant depth of 100m. The dial is hollow and equipped with an Elite 670 SK movement for 48 hours. Interestingly, Zenith used a record box as a watch box, reflecting the collaboration with the famous musician Swizz Beatz.


As for why the watch was only sold online, Zenith’s CEO Julien Tornare also explained: “Zenith and the entire watchmaking industry need to improve their competitiveness in online marketing. Of course, there are still Many customers like to visit physical stores, but those who survived the competition in the future must be those who know more about e-commerce. One of the advantages of online sales is that there is no middleman to make a difference, which helps us to provide consumers with more price. Affordable known for its innovative spirit. Defy Classic Swizz Beatz is our first online exclusive product in the United States, a model that reflects this spirit.”

Swizz Beatz is also very satisfied with this cooperation: “Zenith is a confident brand, it masters the art of time and can present it with high quality. Its future will be bright and bright, I am very happy to be part of it.

Swizz Beatz wears a cooperative watch

It is reported that this watch is only sold on the US website, limited to 50 pieces, the price is 7,900 US dollars.

How about Lloyd watches?

Lloyd is a Korean brand that sells watches, necklaces, and jewelry. The Lloyd watch brand is still quite hot this time because the Lloyd watch is the fine watch of the soft girl and many cute ladies like this brand. Going to Korea to travel will also go to the store of Lloyd watches to see if there is any style that suits you. Xiaobian is here to introduce the grades of Lloyd watches, how about Lloyd watches, and some good-looking styles recommended!

1, Lloyd watch

LLOYD is a jewelry brand under the Korean E.LAND Group, LLOYD Chinese translation – Lloyd. Because this brand is mainly made of jewelry bracelets and other accessories, everyone’s evaluation of Lloyd watches is temperament. The first is that the price is particularly good, one piece is only 300-500 pieces, and secondly, it is really temperament, like the watch that the Korean protagonist will wear, the boy will come to pick up the kind. With a sweater in autumn and winter, the whole body reveals a gentle temperament! Lloyd watches are basically dedicated to the delicate watch that soft sisters are swatch for. There are many styles, and many series are produced every year. There are two kinds of watches, one kind of belt, one kind of metal belt, and the belt has a strong literary style. The metal strap is a bit small and elegant, with a small chair next to it, which is very delicate.

  1. What is the grade of Lloyd watch?

Lloyd is a Korean national affordable watch and has opened quite a few stores in South Korea. It is a Korean brand, mainly selling watches, necklaces, and jewelry. It is very beautiful!