Chronometer: Observatory Watch

“Chronometer”, this is a vocabulary you will encounter when you come into contact with a high-end watch. Many people feel watch in this title, and even directly understand it literally: those watches called “Astronomical Observatory” should be the most accurate professional watches worn by researchers from major observatories around the world, and even have some A function that is not accessible to ordinary people. In fact, in the field of watches, diving watches, aviation watches, racing watches, etc. are indeed developed for divers, aircraft pilots, racing drivers to meet their special needs, these watches are waterproof, anti-magnetic, robust and timing function The aspect has a unique design, and the “Astronomical Observatory” has nothing to do with the units that have large telescopes.

The Observatory’s watch and the slightly professional vocabulary – “Astronomical Observatory” are one thing, related to an official Swiss agency that tests the precision of watches for major watch manufacturers, abbreviated as C.O.S.C.

In order to obtain the Observatory certification, each movement must be tested in three temperature and five positions 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, continuously at C.O.S.C. The items evaluated by the test included: average daily speed, average speed change, maximum speed change, speed difference at different positions, maximum speed difference, temperature influence value, and sustained speed.

The watch movement, which is rigorously tested by this mechanism, is the “Astronomical Watch Movement” and can be honored with the words “Chronometer” on the dial. There is also a beautiful certificate in the watch case. At present, more is the form of sampling inspection, that is, each pass represents one batch of qualified; the historical inspection is strictly strict, and C.O.S.C. often holds the time precision competition. In the early years, Patek Philippe won many awards in this competition.

However, it should be known that the mechanical watch meets the standard error of +4~-6 seconds per day because its accuracy meets the 99.99% specification. Like the Rolex watch, the watch difference can usually be controlled within two seconds. It is one of the most accurate mechanical watches in the world, so the accuracy of the mechanical movement chronometer is relative. If the accuracy of the watch is accurate, quartz The watch or atomic clock is many times stronger than the mechanical watch, but it loses the great charm of the machine.


The beauty of hollowed-out machinery Tasting Hublot Big Bang soul series tourbillon watch

As we all know, Hublot was born in 1980 with a unique aesthetic concept, and is good at making a fuss about materials, and set a new milestone in the watchmaking world. The Big Bang series, one of the most classic series in Hublot, was launched in 2004, but soon became a forward in the watch industry. At this year’s Basel exhibition, Hublot’s Big Bang soul series tourbillon watch is eye-catching, not only in its unique aesthetic and material application but also in the new HUB6020 tourbillon movement tailored for the case. Exquisite watchmaking technology has witnessed its strength. Next, let’s take a look at Hublot’s Big Bang soul series tourbillon watch (watch model: 645.QL.7117.RX)

This year, the Hublot Big Bang soul series tourbillon watch has launched two different color versions – black and blue, each limited edition of 100 pieces. For the first time, Hublot applied carbon fiber material to the barrel shape of the Big Bang soul series and then entered black or blue to form a very unique pattern, which is very good in visual effects.

With a diameter of 42 mm, the signature barrel case has a unique design and high recognition. The case can be seen on the side with a certain curvature, which can better fit the wrist when worn and is ergonomically set.

The carbon fiber bezel is fixed with the classic 6 H-shaped titanium screws, which is one of Hublot’s signature design.

The crown on one side of the case is engraved with the Hublot H-shaped brand pattern, and the surrounding is made of non-slip texture, which is convenient for adjustment time.

The exquisite openwork dial is very distinctive and has perfect mechanical beauty. The eccentric hour and minute display discs are set at 3 o’clock, and the blue scale ring is in sharp contrast with the hollowed dial, which is intuitive and clear when read. The tourbillon is located at 6 o’clock and the 5th movement display is set at 8 o’clock. The design of the disc is well organized. The tourbillon is a signature and sophisticated function in the fine watchmaking process. This tourbillon uses a mobile frame that rotates once a minute to counteract the effect of gravity on the watch, thus ensuring the accuracy of the watch.

This watch features a black structured rubber strap with a black risk. For the first time, Hublot has used the innovative technology of “one-button” quick-change strap system in the Big Bang soul series, which makes it easier and faster to change the strap.

The new HUB6020 tourbillon movement has been carefully developed with advanced watchmaking technology and has excellent performance, which can provide about 115 hours, equivalent to 5 days of power reserve. The back of the watch is made of clear crystal glass, which can clearly capture the structure of the movement and enjoy the magical charm brought by the machine.

Summary: Hublot’s new Big Bang soul series tourbillon watch inherited this series of classic design, the DNA of its deep bone marrow is presented in the watch, and with its superb watchmaking process, it brings peace of mind. Precise travel time and outstanding performance. Reference price: 632,700

Tissot Watch Introduction

Tissot is a Swiss watch, a well-known brand in Switzerland, what brand of watches is Tissot?

Tissot is a Swiss watch brand with a price of several thousand or so. It has a high reputation in China.

Tissot is a medium and high-end watch. The best Tissot sells in the country is the Lilock series, which sells for more than 4,000. Other common models, quartz watches are priced at 2000-4000, and mechanical watches are priced at 4000-6000.

Born in 1853 in the cradle of watch manufacturing in Switzerland. With a spirit of constant innovation in the tradition, after 150 years, Tissot’s name has spread to more than 150 countries on five continents, becoming one of the immortal Swiss watch brands in the world, and has repeatedly won international awards and awards. From a small town in the city of Miluo to now marketing to 150 countries on five continents, and becoming a brand that represents the quality and precision of Swiss products, Tissot is a legend in itself, telling the world that the brand is growing and constantly rolling out. New designs and new craft achievements make customers always full of surprises. Just like the company’s purpose: extraordinary creativity, stemming from tradition. Why do Tissot watches have a number of 1853? For each Tissot watch, there is “TISSOT 1853” on the surface. In fact, 1853 represents the year in which the Tissot watch was born, not the series or model of the Tissot watch.

Tissot TlistOT series T41.1.183.33 ladies mechanical watch

This Tissot-Lilock series T41.1.183.33 ladies mechanical watch, this Tissot 1853 female watch is elegant and worthy of your own! The white dial has a unique oil-grid design, and the Roman scale and the bar scale perfectly combine to show the female Dignified mysterious beauty; equipped with ETA2671 Swiss original self-winding movement, vibration frequency up to 4 Hz, that is, 28800 vibrations per hour, to ensure more accurate and swatch travel time; with hour, minute, second and date display function, practical not fancy; crown The function is extremely simplified, and a small “T” Tissot LOGO is engraved in detail; the case and strap materials are made of 316L stainless steel which is non-irritating to the skin, with a butterfly buckle, simple and convenient; solid stainless steel seamless bottom Not afraid of pervasion, let you always be elegant;

Tissot-Carson Series T95.1.183.311 Women’s mechanical watch inherits the classic and dignified design concept, simple and elegant design and solemn and elegant color matching. This Tissot 1853 female watch allows you to wear it at any time and occasion. Delivers a subtle, elegant and graceful atmosphere. The black dial is more mysterious and fascinating with the silvery and simple three-needle. The ETA2671 Swiss original self-winding movement has a vibration frequency of up to 4 Hz, which is 28,800 vibrations per hour, ensuring more precise and swatch travel time; with hours, minutes and seconds. The date display function is practical and not fancy; the bottom of the watch is transparent, and the transparent sapphire crystal glass bottom cover fully enjoys the detailed internal walking state, and the exquisite watchmaking process is unobstructed.

Hublot Love Art

Recently, Hublot has collaborated with different artists to launch a series of brightly colored watches.

The first artist was Orlinski, who was known for his good use of red, and used a lot of red in many of his works of art – seeing here, do you think of something? Yes, Hublot is also a watch brand that is good at driving red, and both sides can be hit it off.

This cooperative version of Hublot is completely red on the case, bezel, hands, scales, straps, and other components. Only screws, crowns and skeleton movements are decorated with black, which is very cool. The size is 45mm, using a unique ceramic material, it has strong scratch resistance. The HUB1155 caliber is equipped with a limited edition of 200 pieces.

The second artist of Hublot is the famous reggae musician Nicky Jam. As one of the most famous reggae musicians in the world, Nicky Jam expressed his excitement with the cooperation of Hublot: “I am honored to wear this watch with my personal logo. Whether it is a watch or Music, every success is a great achievement for the entire team.”

There are three versions of the cooperation model of the two sides, each of which is 45mm in size. It is equipped with a HUB1201 movement and has a storage capacity of 10 days. All of them are gold-plated and hollowed out, adding advanced ceramic materials to the case and bezel, and replacing the 12-point scale with the words “NJ” to show the identity of the collaborators.

The case and bezel of the first version are made of black ceramic and the overall look is relatively low-key.

The second version of the case, bezel and crown are made of Wang Jin and inlaid with a variety of gems, very gorgeous. It is said that this is also the favorite version of Nicky Jam.

The third version is probably the most impressive, with bling rectangular cut diamonds everywhere. According to statistics, the total number of diamonds included in the watch is no less than 307 and the total weight is 16.9 carats.

Do you think this is art or local tyrant?

Girard-Perregaux Releases The New All-Ceramic Watch Laureato Skeleton “Earth to Sky”

In the 2019 series, Girard-Perregaux launched the original “Earth to Sky” theme, which has been implemented on existing works (such as 1966) or new watches (such as Laureato Absolute). In fact, the name “Earth to Sky” refers to the combination of two colors, mixing the black of the vast universe with the blue of the earth. This “Earth to Sky” theme is now available on the brand’s signature Skeleton Laureato ceramic watch.

It is often said that black and blue do not match (at least in terms of fashion). Girard-Perregaux adopted this bold choice in the 2019 series, with a fully blackened watch case and strap with a gradient blue dial. When the metal was presented, the results were surprisingly good. For this reason, the same color scheme applies to the brand’s luxury sports watch Laureato, and its all-black ceramic version features a modern skeleton movement.

This new watch, called Laureato Skeleton “Earth to Sky”, is based on a watch we have already introduced. The revival of the Laureato series was in 2016. This watch was also launched for the 225th anniversary of the brand. It is a retro-style watch (at least in shape), but with modern case size and driven by a mechanical movement (1975 version is quartz). The real comeback of the Laureato series, as a complete standard series, took place in the 2017 SIHH, with a full range of sizes and impervious materials: 42mm, 38mm, 34mm diameter, steel, two-tone, titanium, ceramic or Gold, simple date function, chronograph, tourbillon, skeleton movement and more. So Laureato is no longer a separate watch, it is already a professional series.

For this “Earth to Sky” version, Girard-Perregaux chose Laureato Skeleton as the basis. The 42 mm case, made of black ceramic, still retains the same brushed and polished surface as the metal model. The case features a unique luxury sports watch, an octagonal bezel, a cushion-shaped case, a slim one-piece bracelet, and an all-black ceramic dial.

The “face” of the Laureato Skeleton “Earth to Sky” version is dark blue. As you would expect from a skeleton watch, the sapphire crystal shows the hollow core of the movement, surrounded by an internal flange, on which the hourly index floats. Both elements are PVD coatings. There are hours and minutes in the middle, and a small second hand is running at 10 o’clock. At 12 o’clock, you can see the regulator passing through the hollow plate.

The movement of the Laureato Skeleton “Earth to Sky” is based on the brand’s 1800 self-produced movement. This self-winding movement features a modern cutout design (including a central winding oscillating weight) with beautiful curves and sharp angles. The movement components are finished and beautiful, with straight ramen and polished bevels for 54 hours of power reserve. The Skeleton “Earth to Sky” watch is a non-limited edition and is priced at CHF 38,500. It will be listed soon, and it will take another few months to go to the Chinese mainland market.

Disney Watch Introduction

Disney watches, listen to the name also know that this is a brand with children’s needs, but this brand is not only children’s watches but mainly for 7-28 years old fashion men and women. So what about Disney watches? Let me introduce them to you.

Disney Disney watches reflect the coherence and perfection of modern urban and leisure styles. The young people who express fashion lead the world trend, wearing personality, generosity, and decentness. Mickey pays attention to details in craftsmanship, strives for excellence, and strives to create simplicity and elegance. And stylish personality style.

Driven by its animation, film and other fields, Disney Disney has also launched the watch industry. The theme of the watch is the characters in its animated film and television works. One of the cute and cute cartoon characters is loved by young people, especially children. Disney’s watches have many series, but also several ages, such as Mickey series, Barbie, princess, car mobilization, Disney series is generally quite fashionable for children under 15 years old. There are also fashionable men and women of 15-28 years old, unique steel belts, belts, diamonds, couples and other fashion styles, submarine diving watches and so on are all waterproof. The Disney watch reflects the coherence and perfection of the modern city and leisure as a whole, while also expressing the fashion young people to lead the world!

Disney Disney watches have more styles and electronic watches are cheaper. Basically, they start at 80 yuan, and some beautiful styles are slightly more expensive. The price of Disney Disney watches ranges from 20-7000 yuan, and the most popular models are concentrated between 100-200 yuan.

The first way to distinguish between true and false Mickey watches is to look at the manufacturer. In China, the only authorized watches are Yuhui and Shanghai Elegant Cui Silk series. The Taiwan version is only available in Shenzhen. Yongjun’s watches cannot be circulated online, so there is no need to consider them for the time being. Domestic authorized Mickey watches will be able to find relevant product information on the packaging and warranty cards, and only the information of the above two companies will have other. Please note that the Taiwan version is not allowed to be distributed at domestic counters, so they will not leave company information on the warranty card and packaging to avoid complaints from authorized manufacturers.

The second way to distinguish between true and fake Mickey watches: fake will not do very well. It is mainly reflected on the case, the strap is rough, there are burrs, and there are coated bubbles. In addition, it will be full of time. Most of the movements are made with disposable plastic. The core of the watch is very light.

Now Disney does not have the function of anti-counterfeiting or online inquiry. His fake security labels are not swatched for cost savings. If you look at the details, you can find the problem. The latest domestic red label (special attention, the security code shown in the figure does not repeat in the world. If you find it is a number or no security code at all, it must be fake.

Longines Hydro Conquest Concas Series L3.784.4.56.9 Whole-Black Ceramic Watch Exclusive Comment

The Longines HydroConquest model, launched 10 years ago, stands out in the fierce market competition with its clean and pragmatic lines. As part of the brand’s main sports collection, this modern design has experienced multiple iterations. Includes a new version of colored ceramic on the bezel. The series is now taking another step in this direction. The entire cast of the new watch is made of ceramic. This is the new Longines HydroConquest full black ceramic diving watch L3.784.4.56.9.

This all-Sickey HydroConquest is a dynamic dive watch with all the features of the latest additions to the collection. Especially for the first time, the case is made of high-tech, scratch-resistant black ceramic with a zirconium oxide ZrO2 mark on the dial and the same material used by Omega on the SM300. This watch is available in different versions of the Concas sports watch. Out of the box, L3.784.4.56.9 has an invisible, whole-black appearance, while giving it a modern, sporty personality.

In addition to the new material, this new version has the same housing as the steel model, with a diameter of 43 mm and a slender lug that is still water-resistant to 300 meters. The one-way diving bezel is now a solid ceramic block that rotates smoothly and accurately. In the most watch update, the design of the crown guard has been slightly modified to accommodate the replicas of ceramic production. The crown guard securely holds the spiral crown and is not too abrupt. The hourglass logo with the wings of the Longines is printed on the back of the case.

On the dial, all instructions are clear at a glance. The white Super-LumiNova Super Luminous Coating handles raised hands and large Arabic numerals to ensure excellent contrast readability under all conditions. Sapphire crystal glass has a multi-layer anti-reflective coating on both sides, almost no visible glare.

The inner movement of the Longines HydroConquest whole-black ceramic watch is identical to the other versions and is still based on the L888 automatic movement based on the ETA A31-L01. With a diameter of 25.60mm and a height of 3.85mm, the movement is a redesigned version of the ETA-2892 that decelerates to 25,200 vibrations per hour and provides an upgraded power reserve of up to 64 hours (rather than 50 hours). The function displays the date at the 3 o’clock window.

Longines HydroConquest Comics series L3.784.4.56.9 Whole black ceramic watch strap is made of a textured rubber, the lock is a safety fold buckle, also made of ceramic when worn, the strap and the case melt One body ensures a comfort watch fit and a comfort watch fit. The price is set at 3,500 Swiss francs and I believe I can see it at a domestic store this summer.

The Blue Santos

In the preparatory stage of the 2019 Geneva exhibition, Cartier launched the new Santos blue disc watch. The most attractive part of the watch is the gradient dark blue dial, which is light in the middle and dark at the edges.

Its hour and minute hands are covered with Super-Luminova luminous material, which is more sporty than the silver plate version of the blue steel hand. At 6 o’clock, the calendar is white on a black background, and the color matches the dial.

The size of the watch is 39.8 mm * 47.5 mm and the thickness is 9.08 mm. Available in steel belts and belts, and equipped with the QuickSwitch strap quick replacement patent system and the SmartLink metal bracelet adjustment patent system, the strap can be quickly replaced or adjusted.

The interior is equipped with Cartier’s entry-level 1847MC caliber, 4Hz vibration frequency, 48 hours of movement, and the addition of nickel-phosphorus material to the escapement. It also has a Faraday cage, which enhances the anti-magnetic ability of the movement. The price is about 50,000 yuan.

Longines Quartz Watch Replacement Battery Does Not Go Troubleshooting

Quartz watches are relatively inexpensive, and the price is relatively low, and the time is accurate, so they are also loved by many watch friends. Longines quartz watches are undoubtedly an important choice for everyone to buy Swiss quartz watches.

As we all know, quartz watches need to be replaced after a certain number of years of use. Generally, we find that if the watch is not allowed to go, we need to consider whether we need to return a battery. Of course, more watch friends will wait until the watch is completely stopped.

It is relatively simple to replace the battery with a watch. Many watch friends will consider changing it by themselves, but often the watch will not go after the battery is replaced. Many watch friends will be a little scared. They worry that they are not operating properly and are damaged. The movement of the watch, in fact, is not necessary, we can slowly find out the problem and solve it.

  1. Do not panic when the quartz watch does not go. It may just be that the battery is not pressed with a screwdriver, and it may be loose. It may also be that the crown of the Longines watch is not pressed. These are all possible problems. Some watch friends have already changed the battery, but they have forgotten these details. Without checking, the watch will be reopened, which will greatly damage the body of the watch.

2, then the question to be considered is whether the battery has no electricity. When we eliminate the error, we must check the problem of the new battery. It may be a fake or expired battery and a newly replaced battery. It is also an old battery or a bad battery with insufficient power.

At this time, we need to remove the battery voltmeter to measure the voltage. If there is no voltage or the battery voltage is insufficient, then it is necessary to replace the new battery.

  1. If the battery voltage is normal, then it is necessary to consider the circuit problem. First, observe whether there is a foreign matter or rust and rust on the positive and negative contact springs of the contact battery. If so, the battery contact reed and the battery should be fully cleaned. And then reinstall it.
  2. If the above processing still fails to solve the problem, then the multimeter must be used to measure the circuit of the Longines watch. If the multimeter reads abnormally, it can only be sent to the repair shop to replace the coil or repair the movement. Non-professionals can handle it.

Crisella Watch Introduction

Crisella is a medium-grade brand. This brand is mainly decorative, and the possibility of buying big-name luxury goods is not swatched.

Crisella, a brand from the New York brand in the United States. His watches are mostly made of Swarovski crystal, but they are not adorned with the cumbersome feeling of crystal, but they are very simple and bright. Bling&Grace! feels great when you buy a high-value model for less than a thousand dollars. Vintage leather style, very simple atmosphere. A good single item worthy of starting, have to recommend.

Crisella is a jewelry brand from New York, USA. The name Crisella comes from the acronym of Crystal and Cinderella, so his watch is full of fairy tale styles like “Cinderella” and “Crystal Shoes”. The dream is extremely extreme! Because it is a jewelry brand, watches, Of course, the design is like a jewelry, so the Crisella is actually more swatch for girls. The Crisella watch is mostly designed with Swarovski crystals as its elements, but it is not very cumbersome and full of crystals. You can buy a lot of high-value models at a price of less than 1,000 yuan. Here is a very favorite watch that I just bought for nearly a thousand.

Although Cristella is a jewelry brand, its watches are not inferior, and the styles are also varied. The price of Antique Style is around HK$930. The square dial is exquisite and chic, a little retro style, both as a watch and as a bracelet. It can’t be better with one thing! The Oval Ribbon Bracelet costs about HK$1000. Sweet little girls may wish to choose this, with a bow embellishment, instantly light up the whole body, the whole person’s style and texture are improved several levels Level ~ boys may wish to take notes too, is definitely the best gift for girlfriends happy! Crisella’s watch is full of girls’ hearts and is an irresistible presence for girls.