2019 RICHARD MILLE Chantilly Arts & Elegance RICHARD MILLE

On Sunday, June 30th, more than 18,000 spectators flocked to the world’s most prestigious 5th RICHARD MILLE “Art and Elegant” classic car show. Many of RICHARD MILLE’s brand friends came to the site to stop and enjoy the most avant-garde concept car, to experience the most beautiful classic cars at close range, and to share the extraordinary moment with the RICHARD MILLE.

Supercar Rally kicked off the grand event on Saturday. On the morning of the same day, Mortefontaine became the world’s top super-running award, brand partner McLaren. ) Nature will not be absent. Participants performed obstacles and brake training and enjoyed the thrill of riding on the high-speed bowl track. Alexis Pinturault, the brand’s best friend and ski champion, is also enjoying it. He enjoys the perfect sense of control of the 720S Spider. It is thrilling and exciting. When he talks about his excitement, he is full of words. At the same time, at the luncheon at the Compiègne Palace, the RICHARD MILLE brand friend and Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake witnessed the fall of the Rallye des Collectionneurs. Here, the audience is able to see the rare models such as the McLaren P1 GTR and 720s, the Ferrari LaFerrari, the Enzo and 288 GTO series, the Porsche 918 and the Mercedes SLR series.


Grandes Écuries de Chantilly is a monument in the history of architecture dating back to the 18th century. Here, the equestrian champion Jessica von Bredow-Werndl presented a wonderful costume dance performance for the 500 guests present, followed by a gala dinner, where the guests enjoyed the delicious cuisine prepared by the three chefs; the organizer and The waiter at the scene decorated the restaurant like the Michelin restaurant, and the Australian actress Margot Robbie also deeply felt the influence of French art of life and was immersed in it.

On June 30th, at 9 am on Sunday, the Concours d’Elegance officially debuted. On the lawn designed by Le Nôtre, visitors are stopping to appreciate the best car design in history, as well as many other famous attractions, taking a boat trip to the Grand Canal and experiencing various traditional activities at the park tour to Chantilly, France. The Confucius Museum of Fine Arts admires the first exhibition of the “Nude Mona Lisa” in history, and can also participate in the classic car auction held by the Bonhams auction house. The event also coincided with a series of important anniversaries, such as the 100th anniversary of Bentley and Ballot, the 100th anniversary of Bugatti, the 50th anniversary of the famous Porsche 917, the 20th anniversary of Pagani Zonda and the Jackie Steward driving Matra to win the Formula 1 championship. The 50th anniversary and so on.


The first-time brand friends Simon Pagenaud and Scott Dixon were two local program champions and won the Indy 500 series in 2019 and 2008 respectively. They can watch the event in full, with 16 car brands, 40 clubs and 710 of the world’s coolest classics. Each concept car in the elegant tour will reflect the style of a fashion designer: Aston Martin DB4-GT Zagato Continuation on behalf of Ronald Van der Kemp, BMW Vision M Next on behalf of TalbotRunhof, Bugatti “Black Car” on behalf of Max Mara, DS X E-Tense stands for Eymeric François, Honda E Prototype stands for Yohji Yamamoto, Lexus Concept LC Cabriolet stands for Rochas, McLaren Speedtail stands for Paule Ka, Renault EZ-Ultimo stands for Guy Laroche, and Volkswagen ID Buggy stands for Ann Demeulemeester.


The RICHARD MILLE VIP area fully demonstrates the collision between the futuristic color and the Renaissance concept in this event. Near the AirbusCorporate Jets and McLaren booths, the DeLorean car, which appeared in “Back to the Future”, is full of new futuristic colors. This is the most famous car in the history of the movie, attracting guests to watch.

Best double needle watch inventory

Simplicity is an attitude, a kind of reality, and a kind of beauty. People are eager for simplicity, but often complicated the simple problems and even made themselves confused. The same is true for watches. When you have been in the world of complicated and complicated watches for a long time, you will gradually become confused and wonder if this really makes sense. Of course, those subtle creations represent the most advanced human beings. Watchmaking, but time is nature’s work, and it doesn’t need to be too complicated to perceive them. That’s why classic and timeless designs often appear on simple watches. As the great Anthony de Saint Exupery once said: “To achieve perfection is not that it is too good to be good, but that it is not superfluous.” In view of this, we have compiled the list of the best double-needle watches in the past two years

It is one of the first metal watches in Swatch’s slim watch collection, with a thickness of only 5.8mm. Although there are ten different new styles in the Skin Irony series (different straps, dials, and case finishes), the most sporty one is the SkinSpring watch with a rubber strap. The silver dial of the minimalist design not only reveals the fashionable atmosphere but also gives people a feeling of a spring breeze. Model: SYXS107,


Launched in 1992, the La Grande Classique Longines collection is the best interpretation of the brand’s slogan ‘elegance is an attitude’. Over the years, it has produced countless variations, with different sizes, different dial colors and different styles. The timepiece with a beautiful blue sun-patterned dial is the latest in the collection, and its case is still slim, with simple panel design, showing a unique charm. Model: L4.766.4.94.6,

Just two years after the announcement of the in-depth exploration of the retro-style route, the Montblanc 1858 series has been modernized. This entry-level 1858 series self-winding watch has been reduced from the previous 44mm to 40mm, and a smoky champagne gold dial is available for consumers to choose from. Although it still has a certain retro texture, the fashion atmosphere is much richer than before. Model: 119065,


When you mention Panerai, you will immediately think of the Luminor series. This series of timepieces can be said to be the epitome of the all-round instrument watch. The solid and heavy case with a clean and pure dial, coupled with the unique design of the crown guard bridge, has achieved its outstanding and independent iconic appearance. The Base Logo Acciaio is equipped with a new self-produced Cal.P.6000 manual winding movement, which is a key step for Panerai to transform itself into a completely independent manufacturer. Model: PAM00775, price: $6,450

When the 2017 Cartier Drive de Cartier ultra-thin watch was launched, it was available in platinum and rose gold. For this French boutique jeweler, this move is not incomprehensible. After all, precious metals are the materials they are used to. However, this means that many people will look at the stainless steel Cartier, but fortunately, Cartier is really angry, and really launched a stainless steel style. The watch is still slim, only 6.6mm thick, and the same as the previous precious metal style, the surface of the case is alternately defined by delicate brushing and polishing process, which makes it show a refined and luxurious look. Model: WSNM0011, price: 7850 US dollars


Cartier RÉVÉLATION D’UNE PANTHÈRE Cheetah Decorative Watch

Just like some wonderful things in life, only when you see it, you will feel its magic, and this latest Cartier’s wonderful work is a perfect example. The wearer simply turns his wrist, and the original empty dial will begin to be filled with small gold beads. The flow from top to bottom creates a black panther between the beards. Model: HPI01259, price: self-inquiry.

Girard-Perregaux Haiying series chronograph – elegant power sense!

When it comes to sports watches, few people can think of Girard-Perregaux. In fact, in the 1940s, Girard-Perregaux launched the first generation Sea Hawk Seahawk series diving watch, which was definitely a fashion-forward pioneer watch in that era! This series is born with its own distinctive features, such as the octagonal rubber pad under the bezel with elegant power and the original ergonomic crown protection device at the 4 o’clock position. Its unique shell design makes it easy to see at a glance. Can recognize it. Today, I will introduce you to the latest Chiba Haiying series chronograph. This timepiece is rare and unique in style!

The most impressive of the Chiba Haiying series chronograph is its 44 mm stainless steel case. The case is basically satin-finished. The overall feel is simple and not flashy. If you look closely, you will find the small bevel at the bottom of the bezel. The surface is polished and this small difference enhances the appearance of the watch. The bottom edge of the case has a slightly sharp touch but does not affect the wearing comfort. The sapphire crystal is slightly arched and perfectly aligned with the curvature of the housing and the raised lugs. Just below the bezel is a black octagonal rubber pad that gives the watch an extra sporty feel. To match this, the crown and chronograph buttons also have rubber pads.

The Chiba Sea Eagle series chronograph is the most pleasing design. The design is a honeycomb dial with a silver dial, which gives this watch a subtle texture. The hour markers are extremely large and are tilted inward to match the black inner bezel showing the minute mark. The hourly hour mark is actually embedded in the incision of the black inner bezel – unfortunately, the incision is too large and there is a significant gap between the hour mark. The chronograph is a two-eye layout with a second dial running at 3 o’clock on the dial and a hollow orange second hand. The small dial at 9 o’clock is a 30-minute counter. The date window is at 6 o’clock, which is the perfect symmetrical layout. The black “GP” letter at 12 o’clock is a good finishing touch, matching the color of the rubber gasket and the inner bezel. Gives a high-end look.

The Girard-Perregaux chronograph is a crocodile/rubber composite strap. This is a clever design because the rubber instead of the leather fits the skin, making the entire strap more durable. So no matter how much sweating, the top crocodile skin is not affected by sweat erosion. However, the disadvantage of the strap is also obvious, that is, the strap is slightly thicker and somewhat stiff, especially close to the lug portion. The top of the single-sided button-folding buckle is engraved with the word “GP”. The folding buckle itself has a large circular arc. Unfortunately, the strap and folding clasp are not suiwatch for small wrist watchers, and their natural curvature seems to be more suiwatch for European and American brothers with thick wrists and rough wrists.

Which series of Tissot touch-screen watches are better? Will the price be expensive?

With the development of the times and technology, the design of watch functions is becoming more and more powerful, and the styles are also increasing, constantly satisfying people’s needs. The touch screen technology has been integrated into everyday life, and mobile phones, IPads, and computers all have touch screen functions. Of course, today’s watches can’t fall behind. For example, Tissot touch-screen watches, Tissot can be welcomed by many consumers, and today’s achievements are inseparable from its constant innovation. For Tissot, a Swiss manufacturer of traditional mechanical watches, it is possible to touch a touch-screen watch. I believe many people want to know if they want to see if the Tissot touch-screen watch really has a powerful touch-screen function. Let’s introduce an introduction to everyone.


  1. Which series of touch screen watches are better?


Tissot TISSOT-Tengzhi Series T013.420.44.202.00 Men’s Quartz Watch

This collection is perfect for men, this quartz watch is a fusion of high-tech features for every wearer. The Lingzhi series watches have a very large dial, and the design is more fashion-oriented. It can be selected by natural rubber straps and titanium straps. It is a simple and elegant watch with ultra-precise timing. Wearing the Tengzhi series of watches, you only need to touch the screen gently, you can switch back and forth between fifteen high-tech functions.


Tissot touch screen series T002.520.17.051.01 watch

For the watch of the Tissot touch screen series, as long as you see its design, you can see that it is biased towards the aesthetics of young people, and looks very energetic, just like having life. The model T002.520.17.051.01 is equipped with a steel case and is very large, but not all young people can easily control it.


The dial is black and the touch screen is a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with an anti-glare coating and anti-blue light. The orange pointer is a color that fits well with young people.


  1. Is the price of the Tissot touch screen watch expensive?


Tissot touch-screen watches continue to consolidate their leading position in the field of touch-screen watches through innovative ideas and product development. Tissot touch-screen watches are not only durable in materials but also very stylish and stylish. They are the first choice for many sports enthusiasts. Can be welcomed by consumers, naturally many people will want to know the price of Tissot touch-screen watches, is that expensive?


In fact, the price of the Tissot brand touch screen series watches is generally between 1,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan. The price of the Tissot-Tengzhi series men’s quartz watch Wanbo net introduced above is ¥5045. The price is still very affordable compared to many big names.

The Tissot brand is advancing with the times, and the birth of the touch screen series is the best proof. After a brief introduction to Xiaobian, I know that the Tissot touch-screen watch is so refined that you have nothing to say and it is easy to operate. With a beautiful appearance and powerful functions, it is very appealing to the eyes of consumers and is also very suiwatch for young people who are full of vigor. If you are a person who loves speed and sports, the Tissot touchscreen watch is a particularly good choice, I believe it will make you love it.

Adexe watch introduction

The Adexe brand was founded in the UK. The founder family focused on independent watchmaking for more than 40 years. How did the design of the unique charm watch be inspired by the world’s ancient monuments and modern civilization? The ADEXE founder family insisted on independent watchmaking, bringing different Quality experience. The quality requirements for watches are almost demanding. Every detail is exquisite and impeccable. Italy specializes in high-quality calfskin, soft, abrasion resistant and elastic. Perfect fit to the wrist. The back of the watch is fully polished and polished, and the body is fully polished and polished to increase comfort when in contact with the skin.


The ADEXE family has 40 years of watchmaking experience. The founder of ADEXE has high-quality watch technology. It has grown from a factory of only 3 people to the current 1,200 people. It has long-established a high-quality watch for world-renowned brands. 10,000 only watches. However, realizing that most young people can’t afford high-end luxury watches, they need their own luxury watch brands. So, when studying fashion in London, ADEXE decided to create ADEXE Watch. In the spring of 2016, ADEXE Watch was born in Shoreditch, a fashion center for young people in London. Unlike other brands, the founders insist on family independent watchmaking to avoid the high cost of intermediaries and create a cost-effective fashion watch. In design, ADEXE emphasizes the British classic, minimalist and unique. In terms of technology, ADEXE adopts imported Japanese movement; independently cut Italian high-quality calfskin strap, and also has Milanese steel belt selection, which fits perfectly with the wrist. A watch brand born out of the watchmaking family has both craftsmanship and blessings of fashion elements. It is no wonder that it has soared to the darling of stars and fashionistas in such a short time! The couples like Zhang Ruoxuan and Tang Yizhen are all loyal fans of ADEXE. Guan Xin, the actor in “Ode to Joy”, often takes ADEXE out.

As a person who loves niche brands, in fact, the most favorite thing to look for is the trend of niche elements~ Summer is coming, I recently wanted to find a small and fashionable watch, with clothes, showing myself The taste of the essays ~ In fact, I usually like to see some of the beauty bloggers ins, and found that recent fashion people like a British niche watch – named ADEXE. It’s good to watch fashion people wear it. The simple atmosphere is not lost. The main thing is that it won’t always hit the money. So I started to do my homework carefully and found that there was a flagship store, so I chose this ~ ADEXE Freerunner series 1870B model watch. The color is milky white and very versatile, and it is very small and fresh.


Get the real thing, I am really amazing, the dial is the right size, very simple, also has a small dial with a small second hand, very cute feeling, girls wear this not only temperament but also a little cute feeling really people like very much. The disk is ultra-thin, which can be seen from my picture. The dial is also tempered glass waterproof, very quality one! The strap of the watch is a very soft feeling of calfskin, and it is very comforwatch to wear. The quartz movement, the cautious and fine work from the UK is also very well integrated into this simple watch. It feels full of British atmosphere and I like it very much. Recently, I really loved this watch.

The British niche brand, the watch is simple, but the ultra-thin body and slim design exude an elegant girlish atmosphere.

This sensory enjoyment is a woman can not refuse – Jacques de Elite 8 Petite small size series women’s watch

For the world, some works of Jacques Delro are both spiritual cultivation and a sense of enjoyment. From the exquisite enamel dials to the rare métiers d’art, to the butterfly chariots driven by chubby little angels and the tropical birds on the questionnaires, this brand can indeed be said to be in the sense of attracting the senses. At the peak of the peak. Jacques de Roy’s elegant 8 series, in 2018, reinterprets the sensory charm and symbolism of the number 8 with a fascinating new work. Whether it is the sparkling blue Venus glass dial or the warm and luxurious rose gold mother-of-pearl style, the vivid beauty in the petite body, I believe no girl can resist. The 25mm elegant case with its self-winding movement and the unique ball design that contrasts with the dial are simple and elegant, yet they are impressive. The wearer can also gently stroke the ball to feel the extraordinary beauty from the wrist.


Both models use a bottom-bottom design from which the wearer can view the Cal. 615 self-winding movements. It offers a 38-hour power reserve with a silicon hairspring and a silicon pallet, with a vibration frequency of 21600 vph. The most beautiful part of the movement is the fan-shaped oscillating weight (made of stainless steel or rose gold, depending on the style), which is decorated with scalloped enamel and the brand’s double star logo.


Elegance 8 Petite small size series is available in 5 styles, including rose gold for 27,000 euros and stainless steel for 15900 euros. For more details, please click to visit the official website of Jacques de Rodriguez.

The disadvantages and benefits of buying a hollow watch

The hollow watch in the middle also has a hollow clock in the mechanical clock, also known as the “skeleton clock” or “skeleton clock”, because usually these clocks are covered by a large glass cover, the clock core can be seen in all directions, and the core splint is also gold-plated. frame. As a timepiece, its precise structure and exquisite machinings are art and anesthetic, so it must be appreciated;


There is also a timepiece that is a magical little machine, a wonderful mechanical device, the wheels are constantly moving, all the parts are meticulous as if it was inspired, just like life. The frame splint of the hollow watch core has no cover, and even the winding box has no cover so that each moment and working state of the mechanical watch can be clearly observed.


The advantages of hollowed-out watches:


Even if the layman looks very lively, it is very interesting. This is the advantage of a hollow watch. Seagull hollow watches are more expensive, especially on the plywood. Many of them are hand-made master watches. Antique pocket watches have an “eight-piece” form. The core splint is carved into a cloud pattern, commonly known as “cloud.” The board”, although not hollow, is obvious to all in the collectibles market.

Advantages of the hollow watch:


Very expensive. Many of Switzerland’s watches are hollow watches. They are a high-end watch, such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Breguet, etc. Most of the functions are simple, that is, there are no complicated functions on the hand string. But the price is much more expensive than the average watch.


The advantages of hollowed-out watches are three:


Hollow watches These watches are produced in small batches, and precious metals are also used in core splints. In addition to the simple function, the hollow watch is also made of an ultra-thin watch, and the entire core thickness is generally no more than 2 mm.


The advantages of hollowed-out watches:


However, from the performance of the watch, the larger the thicker the movement, the easier it is to ensure the accuracy of the travel time. Therefore, hollow watches do not rely on accuracy or travel time performance to win. Swiss hollow watches have complex functions, not counting functions, that is, they are much more expensive, and they will also be made into a transparent case for easy viewing and playback.


At present, some domestic watch manufacturers are also producing hollow watches. It is estimated that they only saw huge profits in sales and some watches have failed.


The shortcomings of the hollow watch:


Although they spent a lot of energy and energy to drill core splints, modify the surface, and then gold-plated, they ignored the most important issues. The strength and support force of the core splint is greatly reduced, and the gap cannot be reliably ensured (hand). The gap between the parts of the watch is small, which makes the watch easy to break. special


Shortcomings of the hollow watch:


Don’t be an exaggeration for some watches. As for the splints, they are made into nets. The other is to use the Swiss watch purchased by yourself to hollow out. These watches are prone to problems. Whether using the Swiss ETA or the Japanese mechanical watch, they chose the automatic movement, the hollow watch movement, it is difficult to control the automatic gyroscope, which is very heavy, keep spinning when wearing, which direction has strength.


Shortcomings of the hollow watch:


It also includes automatic winding, which will put a lot of pressure on the splint after full stringing, especially the parts that will produce sliding moments.

Chronometer: Observatory Watch

“Chronometer”, this is a vocabulary you will encounter when you come into contact with a high-end watch. Many people feel watch in this title, and even directly understand it literally: those watches called “Astronomical Observatory” should be the most accurate professional watches worn by researchers from major observatories around the world, and even have some A function that is not accessible to ordinary people. In fact, in the field of watches, diving watches, aviation watches, racing watches, etc. are indeed developed for divers, aircraft pilots, racing drivers to meet their special needs, these watches are waterproof, anti-magnetic, robust and timing function The aspect has a unique design, and the “Astronomical Observatory” has nothing to do with the units that have large telescopes.

The Observatory’s watch and the slightly professional vocabulary – “Astronomical Observatory” are one thing, related to an official Swiss agency that tests the precision of watches for major watch manufacturers, abbreviated as C.O.S.C.

In order to obtain the Observatory certification, each movement must be tested in three temperature and five positions 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, continuously at C.O.S.C. The items evaluated by the test included: average daily speed, average speed change, maximum speed change, speed difference at different positions, maximum speed difference, temperature influence value, and sustained speed.

The watch movement, which is rigorously tested by this mechanism, is the “Astronomical Watch Movement” and can be honored with the words “Chronometer” on the dial. There is also a beautiful certificate in the watch case. At present, more is the form of sampling inspection, that is, each pass represents one batch of qualified; the historical inspection is strictly strict, and C.O.S.C. often holds the time precision competition. In the early years, Patek Philippe won many awards in this competition.

However, it should be known that the mechanical watch meets the standard error of +4~-6 seconds per day because its accuracy meets the 99.99% specification. Like the Rolex watch, the watch difference can usually be controlled within two seconds. It is one of the most accurate mechanical watches in the world, so the accuracy of the mechanical movement chronometer is relative. If the accuracy of the watch is accurate, quartz The watch or atomic clock is many times stronger than the mechanical watch, but it loses the great charm of the machine.


The beauty of hollowed-out machinery Tasting Hublot Big Bang soul series tourbillon watch

As we all know, Hublot was born in 1980 with a unique aesthetic concept, and is good at making a fuss about materials, and set a new milestone in the watchmaking world. The Big Bang series, one of the most classic series in Hublot, was launched in 2004, but soon became a forward in the watch industry. At this year’s Basel exhibition, Hublot’s Big Bang soul series tourbillon watch is eye-catching, not only in its unique aesthetic and material application but also in the new HUB6020 tourbillon movement tailored for the case. Exquisite watchmaking technology has witnessed its strength. Next, let’s take a look at Hublot’s Big Bang soul series tourbillon watch (watch model: 645.QL.7117.RX)

This year, the Hublot Big Bang soul series tourbillon watch has launched two different color versions – black and blue, each limited edition of 100 pieces. For the first time, Hublot applied carbon fiber material to the barrel shape of the Big Bang soul series and then entered black or blue to form a very unique pattern, which is very good in visual effects.

With a diameter of 42 mm, the signature barrel case has a unique design and high recognition. The case can be seen on the side with a certain curvature, which can better fit the wrist when worn and is ergonomically set.

The carbon fiber bezel is fixed with the classic 6 H-shaped titanium screws, which is one of Hublot’s signature design.

The crown on one side of the case is engraved with the Hublot H-shaped brand pattern, and the surrounding is made of non-slip texture, which is convenient for adjustment time.

The exquisite openwork dial is very distinctive and has perfect mechanical beauty. The eccentric hour and minute display discs are set at 3 o’clock, and the blue scale ring is in sharp contrast with the hollowed dial, which is intuitive and clear when read. The tourbillon is located at 6 o’clock and the 5th movement display is set at 8 o’clock. The design of the disc is well organized. The tourbillon is a signature and sophisticated function in the fine watchmaking process. This tourbillon uses a mobile frame that rotates once a minute to counteract the effect of gravity on the watch, thus ensuring the accuracy of the watch.

This watch features a black structured rubber strap with a black risk. For the first time, Hublot has used the innovative technology of “one-button” quick-change strap system in the Big Bang soul series, which makes it easier and faster to change the strap.

The new HUB6020 tourbillon movement has been carefully developed with advanced watchmaking technology and has excellent performance, which can provide about 115 hours, equivalent to 5 days of power reserve. The back of the watch is made of clear crystal glass, which can clearly capture the structure of the movement and enjoy the magical charm brought by the machine.

Summary: Hublot’s new Big Bang soul series tourbillon watch inherited this series of classic design, the DNA of its deep bone marrow is presented in the watch, and with its superb watchmaking process, it brings peace of mind. Precise travel time and outstanding performance. Reference price: 632,700

Tissot Watch Introduction

Tissot is a Swiss watch, a well-known brand in Switzerland, what brand of watches is Tissot?

Tissot is a Swiss watch brand with a price of several thousand or so. It has a high reputation in China.

Tissot is a medium and high-end watch. The best Tissot sells in the country is the Lilock series, which sells for more than 4,000. Other common models, quartz watches are priced at 2000-4000, and mechanical watches are priced at 4000-6000.

Born in 1853 in the cradle of watch manufacturing in Switzerland. With a spirit of constant innovation in the tradition, after 150 years, Tissot’s name has spread to more than 150 countries on five continents, becoming one of the immortal Swiss watch brands in the world, and has repeatedly won international awards and awards. From a small town in the city of Miluo to now marketing to 150 countries on five continents, and becoming a brand that represents the quality and precision of Swiss products, Tissot is a legend in itself, telling the world that the brand is growing and constantly rolling out. New designs and new craft achievements make customers always full of surprises. Just like the company’s purpose: extraordinary creativity, stemming from tradition. Why do Tissot watches have a number of 1853? For each Tissot watch, there is “TISSOT 1853” on the surface. In fact, 1853 represents the year in which the Tissot watch was born, not the series or model of the Tissot watch.

Tissot TlistOT series T41.1.183.33 ladies mechanical watch

This Tissot-Lilock series T41.1.183.33 ladies mechanical watch, this Tissot 1853 female watch is elegant and worthy of your own! The white dial has a unique oil-grid design, and the Roman scale and the bar scale perfectly combine to show the female Dignified mysterious beauty; equipped with ETA2671 Swiss original self-winding movement, vibration frequency up to 4 Hz, that is, 28800 vibrations per hour, to ensure more accurate and swatch travel time; with hour, minute, second and date display function, practical not fancy; crown The function is extremely simplified, and a small “T” Tissot LOGO is engraved in detail; the case and strap materials are made of 316L stainless steel which is non-irritating to the skin, with a butterfly buckle, simple and convenient; solid stainless steel seamless bottom Not afraid of pervasion, let you always be elegant;

Tissot-Carson Series T95.1.183.311 Women’s mechanical watch inherits the classic and dignified design concept, simple and elegant design and solemn and elegant color matching. This Tissot 1853 female watch allows you to wear it at any time and occasion. Delivers a subtle, elegant and graceful atmosphere. The black dial is more mysterious and fascinating with the silvery and simple three-needle. The ETA2671 Swiss original self-winding movement has a vibration frequency of up to 4 Hz, which is 28,800 vibrations per hour, ensuring more precise and swatch travel time; with hours, minutes and seconds. The date display function is practical and not fancy; the bottom of the watch is transparent, and the transparent sapphire crystal glass bottom cover fully enjoys the detailed internal walking state, and the exquisite watchmaking process is unobstructed.