Buy A Watch in Venice,Italy

Everyone travels to Europe without missing the sacred place of the Renaissance of Italy. As the cradle of European culture, Italy has spawned Roman culture and Etruscan civilization. Today, Italy has a total of 48 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is the world’s most World Heritage country. Italy is an ancient country in Europe. In the Paleolithic era, humans lived on this land. Italy was the birthplace of the Roman Empire. The Roman Republic and the Roman Empire once ruled part of the world for centuries. The 1920s and the 3rd century were the heydays of the Roman Empire. The territory spread throughout the Mediterranean coast, leaving a far-reaching influence for future generations. Italy, which was unprecedentedly prosperous in the 14th and 15th centuries, was also the cradle of the Renaissance. After a long period of splitting, Italy was invaded by foreigners and the kingdom was established in 1861. In 1870, it was unified and the Kingdom of Italy was built. On June 2, 1946, it was officially named “Italian Republic.”

Rome, Venice, and Florence are all magnificent cities with a lot of travel, many tour groups, and free travel. They always arrange Italy as the last station or the first stop. This is to avoid repeating the road. This brings a problem to the shopping family. In which country is the shopping more valuable, for the watch fans, in which country to buy the watch is not a trip, more people think it is Switzerland, there are some people Think of France, in fact, the best place in Italy. This is based on a combination of quotations, services, and tax rebates.

Switzerland is the birthplace of a number of famous watches. This whole earth knows, so many people take it for granted that Switzerland is definitely a holy place for watch fans to buy watches. If your father is Wang Da, maybe this sentence is correct, after all, you Not bad money, so the purchase of a table in the Holy Land, the meaning has been valued back to the fare, but if you are just as the author, but also to feed the family to love the watch fans, then every penny must spend its place.

Switzerland’s GDP is very high, and their prices are relatively high. Zurich, Switzerland is the city with the highest global price index. If you are shopping in Switzerland, you will find that in addition to the Swiss Army Knife, other goods do not have any price advantage, and it is European countries have a relatively low tax rebate rate of only 8%. What is the tax rebate? The shopping tax rebate refers to the tax refund policy for the tax refund items that are purchased and transported by overseas tourists at the designated tax refund shop. The tax refund is given by the local government, so it has nothing to do with the business. France generally has a tax rebate of 12%, while Italy can reach 13-15%. Therefore, in terms of tax rebates, Italy has an advantage over France and Switzerland in terms of tax rebates. Why do you feel sorry about your wallet?

If you have been to a famous commercial building such as Lafayette in France, you must see a fascinating tax refund team. If you withdraw cash, it is absolutely common to spend an hour, so shopping in Venice is not too many people, you can enjoy it. Quick tax rebate, why not. The author’s strategy is to try to find some spots that you will go to see, but not a lot of shopaholic places to shop.

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