Buy some misunderstandings of watches

There is a lot of attention to picking a watch that suits you. It’s not as simple as buying pork in the market, especially something symbolic like a watch.


How many mistakes to buy a watch


  1. I feel that the mechanical watch must be better than the quartz watch.


Many love watchmen think mechanical watches are better than quartz watches, but you are wrong, because quartz watches are more swatch than mechanical watches, punctuality, and we often see quartz watches in some of the big classic series. The price is slightly more favorable than the mechanical watch of the same paragraph, so it is very practical to use a quartz watch without shame.


  1. The pursuit of the top ten watches


The ten famous watches have been born a few decades ago, and the brands that consumers have known for decades are quite limited. Now there are new products coming out, and not necessarily famous brands. The high price means that its value is also worth the price.

  1. Never worn watch


Whether it is a big international brand or a domestic one, it will claim that even if you use it for a long time, there will be no signs of wear and tear. Therefore, the desire to buy the watch is caused by this statement. Okay, please, drop Much, the stone will wear Luo, not to mention your watch, so that this statement is purely arrogant, does not exist, I tell you, even if you wear expensive watches for a long time, more or less will appear Some wear and tear phenomenon.


  1. Waterproof awareness


Not long ago, I saw a funny thing on a social forum. I saw a user said in the post that the watch he bought himself had a waterproof 300-meter mark, but to that When he washed his hands, the so-called waterproof 300-meter watch actually went into the water. I saw that all of them were laughing. Funny, some ordinary watches are waterproof about 30-50 meters, but they still can’t wear them to swim. Even when washing your hands, be careful, try not to let the water wet the watch.


  1. Hong Kong’s foreign watches must be very cheap


Many things in Hong Kong are tax-free because they are tax-free, so it is definitely cheaper, but then again, this does not mean there is no such thing as fakes. Maybe there are quite a lot of fakes.


Foreign countries don’t necessarily have to be very cheap. Some watchs are similar to our domestic ones, and maybe even more expensive.


  1. Buy online


Since e-commerce is more developed now, some people will choose to buy watches online, but don’t forget that luxury accessories like watches are easy to buy. The product is not easy to buy and sell. I bought it online.


The above is about some small things when everyone buys a watch. I hope that everyone can help, so today’s content is here. Thank you for your support and attention.

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