Adexe Watch And DW Which Is Better

Regarding the Adexe watch and DW which is a good question, from the point of view of visibility, it must be more advantageous for DW, but now DW feels badly out of the street, but the more Adexe is more special.

After DW wins with minimalism, the Nordic minimalist style has become popular all over the world. Under this trend, fashion watches have become the “first jewelry” to show individuality and enhance wear and wear, and at the same time break the market dominated by high-end watches in China. The pattern, fashion watches are getting more and more popular. Recently, with the opening of the Raffles Hangzhou project and the Shenzhen project, which is known as the fashion landmark, the fashion watch ADEXE from London officially entered the domestic market.

The ADEXE watch is a cutting-edge watch brand from London, England. The founder of the brand started with watchmaking and has over 40 years of experience in watch design and development. Due to the superb watchmaking experience, the founder of the brand created ADEXE is the expectation of the quality of the current fashion watch, the whole process of IN-HOUSE manufacturing makes most brands far behind. Just like its focus on quality, ADEXE does not follow the trend in design, not in the crowd, although it focuses on a simple style, it is committed to innovation and launch more than 20 product series, the minimalist interpretation of rich connotation.

ADEXE is a luxury watch brand from the UK. This brand has always been low-key and niche, but the product line is very rich, silently bringing out the richness of the simple style. The ADEXE family has 40 years of watchmaking experience. The founder’s father upholds a high-quality watch process and has grown from a factory of only 3 people to the current 1,200. He has long established a high-quality watch for world-renowned brands, producing 3.6 million for the whole year. Only the name list.

In the spring of 2016, ADEXE Watch was born in Shoreditch, a fashion center for young people in London. Unlike other brands, the founders insist on family independent watchmaking to avoid the high cost of intermediaries and create a cost-effective fashion watch. Designed, ADEXE emphasizes the British classic, minimalist and unique. In terms of craftsmanship, ADEXE adopts imported Japanese movement; it cuts the Italian high-quality calfskin strap independently, and also has the choice of Milanese steel belt, which fits perfectly with the wrist. In less than two years, ADEXE has rapidly established 500 stores in 10 countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, China, and Japan. It has become the new favorite of fashion lovers all over the world.

Adexe watch price

The price of genuine Adexe watches is around 600 to 1,500 yuan, which is very cheap.

ADEXE is a British watch brand. It is very unique in design. It doesn’t follow the trend, doesn’t follow the trend, only focuses on the simple style, and launches more than 20 product series before and after. It can be said that the minimalism is rich in connotation. ADEXE watches have become the new favorite of all fashionistas. They are popular on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Even the popular Japanese actress Xiaoyangyang is a loyal fan of ADEXE. Don’t think that watches can only be worn with shirts and suits. White T is as good as a skirt. It can be said that it is easy to control any style!