“Lose” Of Glashütte Original

Following last year’s green-plated version, Glashütte originally launched the new 60’s Orange Watch, which turned from green to orange but still catches the eye as usual.

The design of this new work is basically the same as the previous generation, except that the color of the dial becomes a reddish-orange orange, from the middle to the surrounding, the color gradually becomes darker and deeper, and also has an embossed pattern.

This dial is made by the dial manufacturer in Pforzheim, Germany. In production, the dial is first plated to a golden color with electroplating technology, followed by a gradient effect with orange and black paint, and finally fired into the kiln. As for the radial lines on the dial, it is pressed with a 60-ton press. Due to the uncontrollable manpower and temperature, the gradual effect of each dial is unique.

The watch has two versions of the big three-needle and the log version, which are 39mm*9.4mm and 42mm*12.4mm respectively. The Calibre 39-52 and Calibre 39-47 movements are equipped with 40 hours of storage. The price of the big three-pin version is about 50,000 yuan, and the log version is about 60,000 yuan.

It seems that GO seems to have made a 60-year series of different colors every year. The green plate last year was well received. This year, this orange plate was questioned. Because the 60s series is mainly elegant and low-key retro style, some people think that this vivid orange does not match this positioning, I don’t know what you think?