Can Longines watches change the strap?

If you find that the length of the Longines watch strap you bought is not suitable, I believe everyone will want to change a suitable strap. So can Longines watches change the strap? Let me answer this question for everyone.

Longines watch change strap

The Longines watch can be changed with a strap. The following are the specific operations for changing the strap:

First, we need a tool to remove the strap. This kind of thing has two ends, one with a concave shape for unloading the ear and the other with a pointed tip for unblocking the strap hole.

If there is no tool, in fact, the flat-nose screwdriver and the toothpick can also replace popular science. The stick-shaped thing on the surface is called the raw ear, which is the axis above the belt. There are springs at both ends for us to fit in, then remove the old strap. Use a concave end of the tool to catch the small protrusion at one end of the ear, then press down to compress the spring, so that the ear becomes shorter, we can remove it, and then we can install a new strap.

How to clean the Longines leather strap?

(1) Toothbrush soapy water scrubbing method. When the watch is worn for a long time to produce odor, cleaning and keeping it dry is the best way to maintain it. Remove the strap, use a soft toothbrush and a little soapy water to quickly brush the gap between the straps, then clean with a damp cloth and dry with a dry cloth.

(2) Medicinal alcohol scrubbing method. Scrubbing the leather table with 99% medicinal alcohol with special effects such as disinfection, moisture proof, and mildew resistance. Spray it on the leather strap of the watch, and then rub it with beeswax. After three times, it will permanently erase the odor and will not cause any damage to the leather.

(3) Toilet water scrubbing method. The toilet water gives the impression that it is particularly cool, but the toilet water contains a lot of alcohol and is applied to the leather strap of the watch to effectively remove the odor. In addition, you can also apply some leather oil protection strap on the surface of the leather strap to make the maintenance work more perfect.