Longines Lango series – full of exotic flavors, revealing intoxicating feelings

Longines (LONGINES) is a company founded by Ernest Francillon in St. Amir, Switzerland. Its origins date back to the 1930s, and Longines also has the oldest registered trademark (an hourglass with wings). Longines belongs to the Swiss Swatch Group. Longines is famous for its “flying home” watch and is one of the world’s top waterproof watches. Longines focuses on technical research and excellence, and its Lange series is even more extraordinary.


Longines Lango Series: exotic style reveals intoxicating feelings

The Longines Lango series was launched in 2004 and this collection is full of exotic flair. It is understood that the design of this series is inspired by the resorts in the Mediterranean, and it is full of intoxicating feelings in terms of appearance and function.


LungoMare means the waterfront in Italian. Through simple, clear lines and contrasting design, Longines hopes to express the energy and unique style of modern young people, as well as the feelings of the rate. The Longines Lange series, which is based on the line-up of Art Deco style, is the melodious and dynamic Caribbean style.

Longines Lango Series: creative design is simple and stylish

As early as the 20s and 30s, Longines has incorporated the ever-increasing Art Deco design art into its watches, creating an “outer inner circle” case design. This creative and simple design has been popular since the 20th century until now. However, the Longines official website, which likes to create new surprises, entered the 21st century and was determined to add new elements to its classic Art Deco work, infecting young pioneers with creativity.


In order to add a sense of freshness to the Longines Longines collection, Longines has used new designers. Graduated from the La-Chaux-de-Fonds Art School in Switzerland, the young designers turned their designs in the 1930s with the avant-garde vision and creativity. From the new interpretation, a new face is created, and the bright steel and elegant lines between the case and the bezel highlight the rich contour of the surface. The Longines Longue series “Holding a good moment” imagines yourself in the beach of Lido in Venice, Italy, in the small town-style Ostia, in the bar of Baie des Anges, or in the high-class club of Monte Carlo. Enjoy an elegant and relaxed life!


Longines Lango Series: fine carving enhances bright and elegant temperament

With bright steel, Longines Longgo series has male and female styles, which caters to the modern experience of the watch. Inspired by the waterfront, the Lango series is, of course, accessible to the water! Water-resistant to 330 feet (100 meters), stainless steel strap. Longines price Lange series watch series, the surface of the detailed straight engraving, to enhance the elegant elegance of the body to perfection; the slightly extroverted upright minute engraving makes this perfect more three-dimensional.


The surface quality of the Longines Lango watch is silver or black, 8 lines of time and extra-large 6, 9 and 12 Arabic numerals and date display at 3 o’clock. Longines official website plus surface outer ring The minute engraving and the chronograph second hand form a sleek and simple surface. The women’s and medium-sized models have an L152 quartz movement, while the men’s style features an L157 quartz movement.


Longines Lango Series: precision timing button with a quartz chronograph movement

The Longines Lango series features a pair of chronograph buttons on a chronograph watch that perfectly contrasts with the central crown. As a fashion watch collection, the Longines Lango collection is also available in a chronograph style. Built-in L541 quartz chronograph movement, its 1/10 second chronograph disc is set at 2 o’clock position, with a pair of buttons on both sides of the crown, with small seconds and date display at 6 o’clock, and 12 at 10 o’clock The hourly cumulative disk allows you to accurately grasp every moment.

Longines Quartz Watch Replacement Battery Does Not Go Troubleshooting

Quartz watches are relatively inexpensive, and the price is relatively low, and the time is accurate, so they are also loved by many watch friends. Longines quartz watches are undoubtedly an important choice for everyone to buy Swiss quartz watches.

As we all know, quartz watches need to be replaced after a certain number of years of use. Generally, we find that if the watch is not allowed to go, we need to consider whether we need to return a battery. Of course, more watch friends will wait until the watch is completely stopped.

It is relatively simple to replace the battery with a watch. Many watch friends will consider changing it by themselves, but often the watch will not go after the battery is replaced. Many watch friends will be a little scared. They worry that they are not operating properly and are damaged. The movement of the watch, in fact, is not necessary, we can slowly find out the problem and solve it.

  1. Do not panic when the quartz watch does not go. It may just be that the battery is not pressed with a screwdriver, and it may be loose. It may also be that the crown of the Longines watch is not pressed. These are all possible problems. Some watch friends have already changed the battery, but they have forgotten these details. Without checking, the watch will be reopened, which will greatly damage the body of the watch.

2, then the question to be considered is whether the battery has no electricity. When we eliminate the error, we must check the problem of the new battery. It may be a fake or expired battery and a newly replaced battery. It is also an old battery or a bad battery with insufficient power.

At this time, we need to remove the battery voltmeter to measure the voltage. If there is no voltage or the battery voltage is insufficient, then it is necessary to replace the new battery.

  1. If the battery voltage is normal, then it is necessary to consider the circuit problem. First, observe whether there is a foreign matter or rust and rust on the positive and negative contact springs of the contact battery. If so, the battery contact reed and the battery should be fully cleaned. And then reinstall it.
  2. If the above processing still fails to solve the problem, then the multimeter must be used to measure the circuit of the Longines watch. If the multimeter reads abnormally, it can only be sent to the repair shop to replace the coil or repair the movement. Non-professionals can handle it.