Patek Philippe’s Top Ten Values

Patek Philippe’s unparalleled reputation and status in the eyes of watch connoisseurs not only stems from our exquisitely perfect timepieces and rich watchmaking knowledge and technology. Our undisputed extraordinary status also comes from the company’s philosophy of excellence in the creation of the watch since its founding in 1839. This spirit has already been integrated into our top ten values ​​and has become a symbol of Patek Philippe’s supreme quality. It has been passed down from generation to generation as our masterpieces of timepieces.


Patek Philippe is the oldest independent family watchmaking company in Geneva. Its independent status allows us to control our own destiny and always focus on our long-term goals. The company has a completely free creative space, which helps us to independently develop and manufacture watch movements according to our own quality standards while ensuring that our watches reflect our spirit of excellence in every aspect. Independence is the core concept of Patek Philippe spirit, ensuring that our products are traditional, reliable and trustworthy.

Respect for tradition

Founded in 1839, Patek Philippe has long been an important part of Geneva’s long and glorious watchmaking tradition. This is a brand story full of unique heritage, combining our rich watchmaking experience, exquisite genius design, and fiery work enthusiasm to ensure that these principles and craftsmanship are passed on and on. Today, our watchmakers still inherit a long tradition of craftsmanship. Day after day, we adhere to the exquisite status of high-end watchmaking art with the exquisite craftsmanship, precise sharpness and dexterous touch. These skills that have been passed down from generation to generation have been perfectly integrated with the most advanced processing techniques.

Innovation creation

We value the tradition and look to the future, so Patek Philippe continues to push the watchmaking art to new heights with its outstanding achievements in innovation and research and development. The more than 80 patents we have submitted fully demonstrate our outstanding position as a pioneer in the industry and its 20 inventions are of vital importance to the history of watchmaking. The Patek Philippe Seal we have created is also designed to keep pace with the times. This quality standard covers the future technological advancement and future development of the watchmaking industry and is committed to improving the mechanical function of the timepiece, long-term stability and precise travel time.

Quality process

When Antoine Norbert de Patek and Jean-Adrien Philippe founded Patek Philippe, they had the same goal: to develop and build the best timepieces in the world. Today, “excellent quality” and “exquisite craftsmanship” are still the strict guidelines of Patek Philippe’s various production links. Whether it is a movement or an external component, whether technical or aesthetic, whether it is every function of the timepiece or the accuracy of travel time, Patek Philippe’s current president, Terry Stern and his father, Patek Philippe’s honorary president, Philip Stern, will act as This is the ultimate guardian of the Patek Philippe imprint of the supreme quality standard.

Precious and rare

Patek Philippe’s timepieces are all precious and rare masterpieces. At present, we regularly produce more than 200 watches, all of which are produced in small quantities, ranging from tens of pieces to hundreds of pieces, equipped with our own self-developed movements. From design concepts to mechanical devices, these timepieces have a very special place in the eyes of watch lovers around the world. During the various stages of the development process and the months of manufacturing and decorating the watch, Patek Philippe has adopted extremely strict quality standards to ensure that every Patek Philippe watch becomes a rare and rare masterpiece of timepieces, highly appreciated by connoisseurs. Favor.

Permanent value

Due to the combination of extraordinary professional watchmaking knowledge and craftsmanship, a Patek Philippe watch is expensive, but even if it has been used for many years, its value is still unabated or even added value. It is a moment of existence and benefiting the future. precious. Many models of Patek Philippe have long been a model of timepieces, and the transaction price record is constantly refreshed at the auction. They have a good reputation in the eyes of collectors, especially the unique emotional value. In the eyes of many watchmakers, this unique value of Patek Philippe watches makes it a family treasure that is worthy of generations.

Craft aesthetics

Patek Philippe’s timepieces are not only highly accurate timepieces, but also an aesthetically pleasing aesthetic with an elegant look. The design is able to stand still in the rushing fashion torrent, forever its ultimate charm and modernity. Patek Philippe has established a unique style of low-key and restrained, timeless elegance, which perfectly combines individuality and stability, elegance and nobleness. This style gave birth to a watch with a simple design, distinctive personality and beautiful lines, many of which quickly became classics. Today, Patek Philippe, while retaining its unique charm, continues to make low-key modifications to its watches.

Quality service

In order to provide services that meet our brand image, Patek Philippe’s distribution network has been carefully screened. We currently have more than 500 retail stores in more than 70 countries and regions, all of which are screened to extremely strict standards. Patek Philippe believes that we are responsible for providing after-sales service of the highest quality standards, and thus it is one of the important standards for Patek Philippe imprint. For Patek Philippe watch owners, this means that timepieces will always receive our maintenance and attention, ensuring that their performance is as reliable as ever and passed down from generation to generation.

Emotional transmission

Listen to a Patek Philippe watch owner talking about his watch, and you will present a moving story full of sincerity and related care. The significance of the Patek Philippe timepiece has gone far beyond the simple timepiece function but has become a unique personal item soaked with precious memories. Buying Patek Philippe timepieces is often accompanied by an important moment of the individual, such as a successful career, a successful marriage, or the birth of a new life. Sending a Patek Philippe watch at this time is undoubtedly the best way to express love and care.

Passing quality

Having a Patek Philippe watch is a shining tradition that blends art and science. This tradition has been passed down to the present and will continue to ignite the inspiration for the birth of classic masterpieces. With a Patek Philippe watch, you enter the world of this family-owned company – a watchmaking company that inherits its father’s business, and each generation of operators has dedicated their lives to protecting their unique family heritage. With a Patek Philippe watch, it brings a treasure of extraordinary value and heritage to the whole family. It bridges the gap between the past and the future, indicating that you are creating your own traditions.