Crisella Watch Introduction

Crisella is a medium-grade brand. This brand is mainly decorative, and the possibility of buying big-name luxury goods is not swatched.

Crisella, a brand from the New York brand in the United States. His watches are mostly made of Swarovski crystal, but they are not adorned with the cumbersome feeling of crystal, but they are very simple and bright. Bling&Grace! feels great when you buy a high-value model for less than a thousand dollars. Vintage leather style, very simple atmosphere. A good single item worthy of starting, have to recommend.

Crisella is a jewelry brand from New York, USA. The name Crisella comes from the acronym of Crystal and Cinderella, so his watch is full of fairy tale styles like “Cinderella” and “Crystal Shoes”. The dream is extremely extreme! Because it is a jewelry brand, watches, Of course, the design is like a jewelry, so the Crisella is actually more swatch for girls. The Crisella watch is mostly designed with Swarovski crystals as its elements, but it is not very cumbersome and full of crystals. You can buy a lot of high-value models at a price of less than 1,000 yuan. Here is a very favorite watch that I just bought for nearly a thousand.

Although Cristella is a jewelry brand, its watches are not inferior, and the styles are also varied. The price of Antique Style is around HK$930. The square dial is exquisite and chic, a little retro style, both as a watch and as a bracelet. It can’t be better with one thing! The Oval Ribbon Bracelet costs about HK$1000. Sweet little girls may wish to choose this, with a bow embellishment, instantly light up the whole body, the whole person’s style and texture are improved several levels Level ~ boys may wish to take notes too, is definitely the best gift for girlfriends happy! Crisella’s watch is full of girls’ hearts and is an irresistible presence for girls.

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