Disney Watch Introduction

Disney watches, listen to the name also know that this is a brand with children’s needs, but this brand is not only children’s watches but mainly for 7-28 years old fashion men and women. So what about Disney watches? Let me introduce them to you.

Disney Disney watches reflect the coherence and perfection of modern urban and leisure styles. The young people who express fashion lead the world trend, wearing personality, generosity, and decentness. Mickey pays attention to details in craftsmanship, strives for excellence, and strives to create simplicity and elegance. And stylish personality style.

Driven by its animation, film and other fields, Disney Disney has also launched the watch industry. The theme of the watch is the characters in its animated film and television works. One of the cute and cute cartoon characters is loved by young people, especially children. Disney’s watches have many series, but also several ages, such as Mickey series, Barbie, princess, car mobilization, Disney series is generally quite fashionable for children under 15 years old. There are also fashionable men and women of 15-28 years old, unique steel belts, belts, diamonds, couples and other fashion styles, submarine diving watches and so on are all waterproof. The Disney watch reflects the coherence and perfection of the modern city and leisure as a whole, while also expressing the fashion young people to lead the world!

Disney Disney watches have more styles and electronic watches are cheaper. Basically, they start at 80 yuan, and some beautiful styles are slightly more expensive. The price of Disney Disney watches ranges from 20-7000 yuan, and the most popular models are concentrated between 100-200 yuan.

The first way to distinguish between true and false Mickey watches is to look at the manufacturer. In China, the only authorized watches are Yuhui and Shanghai Elegant Cui Silk series. The Taiwan version is only available in Shenzhen. Yongjun’s watches cannot be circulated online, so there is no need to consider them for the time being. Domestic authorized Mickey watches will be able to find relevant product information on the packaging and warranty cards, and only the information of the above two companies will have other. Please note that the Taiwan version is not allowed to be distributed at domestic counters, so they will not leave company information on the warranty card and packaging to avoid complaints from authorized manufacturers.

The second way to distinguish between true and fake Mickey watches: fake will not do very well. It is mainly reflected on the case, the strap is rough, there are burrs, and there are coated bubbles. In addition, it will be full of time. Most of the movements are made with disposable plastic. The core of the watch is very light.

Now Disney does not have the function of anti-counterfeiting or online inquiry. His fake security labels are not swatched for cost savings. If you look at the details, you can find the problem. The latest domestic red label (special attention, the security code shown in the figure does not repeat in the world. If you find it is a number or no security code at all, it must be fake.

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