Exquisite time nostalgic style Brief review of the US helmsman series “inheritor” long kinetic energy pulse meter watch

In the eyes of the majority of watchmakers, the Midea helmsman series has always been a series of watches with vertical stripes, large scales, and styles for outdoor leisure, but this year, the United States brought a retro-style helmsman series wristwatch. The watch, called the Meidu Helmsman series “Inheritor” long-acting pulsometer watch, is almost completely different from the previous Helmsman series. So what kind of watch is this, why is it so different?

In the 1930s, when the helmsman series came out, the watch was just popular. The watch at that time mainly used the classic design style of the pocket watch period, with classic and functional. The US Helmsman series was born in 1934. At this time, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which symbolizes the great achievements of human construction, has just been built for two years. The appearance of the US Helmsman series is intended to highlight the idea that the United States and the Sydney Harbour Bridge coincide. – A perfect combination of design and functionality. Therefore, we can see that the helmsman series has simple elements, classic appearance, and a sense of design while emphasizing outstanding performance.


This year is the 85th anniversary of the helmsman series. This number is quite shocking. After all, a series can last for 85 years, which is quite rare. Therefore, this year, Mido specially launched the helmsman series of long-acting kinetic pulsometer watches, featuring “inheritance” to describe the long history of the helmsman series. The new helmsman series inheritor long-acting pulsometer watches are available in a variety of styles, and this blue dial watch is a distinctive personality, the color collision will always make people more bright.

The 40 mm stainless steel case is designed with a narrow bezel, which gives the dial a large enough space and is very atmospheric. The many retroelements on the dial instantly return to the distant era of post-war recovery, which makes people think.


The track-like dial design style, coupled with the usual pointer style of the early train pocket watches, is full of retro feeling. The arched mirror is the classic design style of the early acrylic material period. These chronological elements are combined with the color collision that symbolizes the modern personality, which stimulates the unique visual beauty.


At 12 o’clock on the dial, Mido re-elected the italic logo style used by the brand in the early days to pay tribute to the golden age.

At the edge of the dial, Mido has designed a simple pulsometer function. In the age when medical equipment is not developed, watches with pulsometer function are often standard on the medical staff, which can quickly and conveniently measure the patient’s pulse and help diagnose. Conventional pulsometers generally use 30 times of heart rate as a standard to calculate the pulse through the required time. It is a very practical professional function.


The stainless steel case is connected to four lugs with curved curvature. The ears are sharp and angular, showing a certain dynamic style of the helmsman series.


The classic case curve is natural, the three-layer structure design, the layering is distinct, and the mercerizing effect also brings the excellent tough men’s style effect to the watch. From the side, we can also see the retro design of the curved mirror and the moderate case thickness of about 12 mm.


The case is designed with a classic round crown at 3 o’clock, and the distinctive non-slip texture ensures comforwatch and smooth operation.


Patina rubbing process of ginger leather strap


As a modern watch, it is natural to have modern features of beauty. The watch is paired with a ginger-colored Patina-brushed leather strap that not only evokes youthfulness in color but also naturally discolors during the future wearing, presenting a unique time “imprint”. The strap is matched with a stainless steel pin buckle, which is easy to operate, safe and secure, and most importantly, because the pin buckle is less than the thickness of the lower part of the wrist, it is more comforwatch.


In addition to these wonderful elements of the surface we saw, Mido installed a high-performance movement – the Caliber 80 movement. This fully automatic mechanical movement has 80 hours of kinetic energy storage, and the full chain can run continuously for more than three days. If you don’t want to wear a watch on the weekend, you can set it aside. It will still be accurate on Monday, so you don’t have to worry about stopping. go. It is such a practical performance that this movement has a natural advantage and becomes a very important basic movement.

The new Meidu Helmsman series “Inheritor” long-acting pulsometer watches are simple in design, work fine and show exquisite time. At the same time, the watch retains the classic elements of the series, the luminous hands and the large Arabic numerals, and the contrast color design, in addition to inheriting the history, reflects the unique personality of the modern helmsman series. The watch is priced at RMB 6400. It is very cost-effective and is now available. You can go to the US and offline counters to experience the purchase.

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