Adexe watch introduction

The Adexe brand was founded in the UK. The founder family focused on independent watchmaking for more than 40 years. How did the design of the unique charm watch be inspired by the world’s ancient monuments and modern civilization? The ADEXE founder family insisted on independent watchmaking, bringing different Quality experience. The quality requirements for watches are almost demanding. Every detail is exquisite and impeccable. Italy specializes in high-quality calfskin, soft, abrasion resistant and elastic. Perfect fit to the wrist. The back of the watch is fully polished and polished, and the body is fully polished and polished to increase comfort when in contact with the skin.


The ADEXE family has 40 years of watchmaking experience. The founder of ADEXE has high-quality watch technology. It has grown from a factory of only 3 people to the current 1,200 people. It has long-established a high-quality watch for world-renowned brands. 10,000 only watches. However, realizing that most young people can’t afford high-end luxury watches, they need their own luxury watch brands. So, when studying fashion in London, ADEXE decided to create ADEXE Watch. In the spring of 2016, ADEXE Watch was born in Shoreditch, a fashion center for young people in London. Unlike other brands, the founders insist on family independent watchmaking to avoid the high cost of intermediaries and create a cost-effective fashion watch. In design, ADEXE emphasizes the British classic, minimalist and unique. In terms of technology, ADEXE adopts imported Japanese movement; independently cut Italian high-quality calfskin strap, and also has Milanese steel belt selection, which fits perfectly with the wrist. A watch brand born out of the watchmaking family has both craftsmanship and blessings of fashion elements. It is no wonder that it has soared to the darling of stars and fashionistas in such a short time! The couples like Zhang Ruoxuan and Tang Yizhen are all loyal fans of ADEXE. Guan Xin, the actor in “Ode to Joy”, often takes ADEXE out.

As a person who loves niche brands, in fact, the most favorite thing to look for is the trend of niche elements~ Summer is coming, I recently wanted to find a small and fashionable watch, with clothes, showing myself The taste of the essays ~ In fact, I usually like to see some of the beauty bloggers ins, and found that recent fashion people like a British niche watch – named ADEXE. It’s good to watch fashion people wear it. The simple atmosphere is not lost. The main thing is that it won’t always hit the money. So I started to do my homework carefully and found that there was a flagship store, so I chose this ~ ADEXE Freerunner series 1870B model watch. The color is milky white and very versatile, and it is very small and fresh.


Get the real thing, I am really amazing, the dial is the right size, very simple, also has a small dial with a small second hand, very cute feeling, girls wear this not only temperament but also a little cute feeling really people like very much. The disk is ultra-thin, which can be seen from my picture. The dial is also tempered glass waterproof, very quality one! The strap of the watch is a very soft feeling of calfskin, and it is very comforwatch to wear. The quartz movement, the cautious and fine work from the UK is also very well integrated into this simple watch. It feels full of British atmosphere and I like it very much. Recently, I really loved this watch.

The British niche brand, the watch is simple, but the ultra-thin body and slim design exude an elegant girlish atmosphere.