Elegant and humble three gentleman watches recommended

Men who have a gentlemanly style are fascinating. They are often modest and refined, showing many excellent qualities of men and fascinating. The same is true of watches with a gentlemanly style. Elegant and exquisite, quite connotative, mature and dignified, this watch can not only become the help and companionship of the wearer’s life but also show his taste and spirit. Today, the watch house recommends three elegant and restrained, gentlemanly watches.


Cartier DRIVE DE CARTIER series WGNM0004 watch

Watch Comments: I remember when Cartier Drive de Cartier was just listed, due to Zhang Zhen’s endorsement, it was really a smash hit. In the past two years, Cartier’s new series and new models have been launched at a high frequency, but this series has been forgotten. In fact, the Drive de Cartier series is still very characteristic, the cushion-type case is full of personality, the movement is also equipped with Cartier’s self-made automatic movement, plus the iconic Roman scale, the whole watch gives a feeling of calm, high-grade, texture Full. I think that a gentleman, wearing such a watch, is still very elite.


Breguet classic series 5157BB/11/9V6 watch

Watch Comments: To say what kind of watch, elegant, low-key and advanced, I can always think of Breguet, Breguet is a benchmark brand of Swiss watchmaking, but it has its own characteristics. First of all, it has a very pure European bloodline, classic Roman time scales, enamel dials, blue steel enamel needles, Breguet classic lugs, and the side of the coin-print case, and most Swiss wrists on the market. The watch has very different differences. Baodi 5157 is a brand-name classic dress watch, low-key 18K white gold case, plus black crocodile leather strap, quite elegant, Breguet movement is more beautiful, polished enough delicate, very beautiful.


Piaget ALTIPLANO series G0A35131 watch

Watch Comments: The watch brand is famous for its elegant dress style. The count is obviously one. The name of the count is very cheap in Chinese. In history, the count represents the nobility, so the count is in the country. The reputation is still relatively high. The Earl also has outstanding achievements in the ultra-thin field. The ultra-thin watch greatly enhances the elegant attributes of the watch. This Piaget ALTIPLANO series watch is only 5.25 mm thick and is a classic in the ultra-thin watch. Exquisite workmanship, whether it is wearing experience or brand grade, is a perfect dress watch.


Summary: Men who don’t want to have a high-class and elegant watch, although the sports watch is very hot, the dressing watch is always a man’s dream, the fearless time, and even the inheritance of the connotation, is unmatched by the sports watch, If you want to start with a high-end day-fit list, it’s better to look at these models.