What is the difference between imitation and real?

Now the simulation of high imitation watches is getting higher and higher, so many friends who are unfamiliar with watches are difficult to distinguish between true and false, and even do not know the difference between imitation and really watches? In order to let everyone have a deeper understanding of imitation, Today, I will explain the difference between imitation and real.

The difference between imitation and real

To understand the difference between imitation and real, let us first look at the quality classification of the imitation.

The imitation table is divided into a replica table, a fine imitation watch, and a high imitation watch. Today we will compare the categories in order to illustrate the difference between the imitation and the real table.

Let me talk about the high imitation watch. The high imitation watch is the entry style in the imitation table. Generally, the genuine pearl movement or the Shanghai movement is used. From the outer casing, it is not very different from the original size. The 1.1:1 imitation, the movement ratio The fine imitation is a little worse, the inner shell is slightly worse, but many manufacturers who make fine imitation watches are directly sold to the above-mentioned movements at the price of high imitation watches because of the high cost.

Next, we talked about the fine imitation watch, which is very similar to the high imitation watch, but the fine imitation watch is much better in the material selection. The mirrors are all sapphire, and the internal structure such as the screw interface and the rubber cover of the back cover are all selected. To be better, the pointer no longer uses a very cheap set of two dollars less than the pointer, the movement uses the seagull movement. Compared with the real watch, the difference is still relatively large. If you look at the movement, you can see the difference at a glance. The size of the shell is the same as that of the high imitation table. Generally, it is bigger and thicker than the real one. Waterproof is not as good as genuine. However, the appearance is roughly the same, and there is no problem without tangling the details.

Finally, it is the highest grade in the imitation table, the engraving, which is basically produced by taking the mold one by one, and the requirements on the size are very strict, because the watch is a precision instrument, and the internal structure and machine are required to be strict in size. Core selection must be tailor-made, difficult, high labor costs, and high material costs, which leads to high prices. Compared with genuine products, because it is a one-to-one replica, the size and the original have been, in order to better restore the authentic, in the selection of materials used zirconia high hardness ceramic body buckle, expensive Swiss phosphor, titanium High-tech materials such as carbon fiber. In the movement, because the original movement cannot be obtained, many will add a layer of splint on the outside, which looks exactly the same as the original movement. The difference between this type of table and the real table is mainly the very fine details.