Best double needle watch inventory

Simplicity is an attitude, a kind of reality, and a kind of beauty. People are eager for simplicity, but often complicated the simple problems and even made themselves confused. The same is true for watches. When you have been in the world of complicated and complicated watches for a long time, you will gradually become confused and wonder if this really makes sense. Of course, those subtle creations represent the most advanced human beings. Watchmaking, but time is nature’s work, and it doesn’t need to be too complicated to perceive them. That’s why classic and timeless designs often appear on simple watches. As the great Anthony de Saint Exupery once said: “To achieve perfection is not that it is too good to be good, but that it is not superfluous.” In view of this, we have compiled the list of the best double-needle watches in the past two years

It is one of the first metal watches in Swatch’s slim watch collection, with a thickness of only 5.8mm. Although there are ten different new styles in the Skin Irony series (different straps, dials, and case finishes), the most sporty one is the SkinSpring watch with a rubber strap. The silver dial of the minimalist design not only reveals the fashionable atmosphere but also gives people a feeling of a spring breeze. Model: SYXS107,


Launched in 1992, the La Grande Classique Longines collection is the best interpretation of the brand’s slogan ‘elegance is an attitude’. Over the years, it has produced countless variations, with different sizes, different dial colors and different styles. The timepiece with a beautiful blue sun-patterned dial is the latest in the collection, and its case is still slim, with simple panel design, showing a unique charm. Model: L4.766.4.94.6,

Just two years after the announcement of the in-depth exploration of the retro-style route, the Montblanc 1858 series has been modernized. This entry-level 1858 series self-winding watch has been reduced from the previous 44mm to 40mm, and a smoky champagne gold dial is available for consumers to choose from. Although it still has a certain retro texture, the fashion atmosphere is much richer than before. Model: 119065,


When you mention Panerai, you will immediately think of the Luminor series. This series of timepieces can be said to be the epitome of the all-round instrument watch. The solid and heavy case with a clean and pure dial, coupled with the unique design of the crown guard bridge, has achieved its outstanding and independent iconic appearance. The Base Logo Acciaio is equipped with a new self-produced Cal.P.6000 manual winding movement, which is a key step for Panerai to transform itself into a completely independent manufacturer. Model: PAM00775, price: $6,450

When the 2017 Cartier Drive de Cartier ultra-thin watch was launched, it was available in platinum and rose gold. For this French boutique jeweler, this move is not incomprehensible. After all, precious metals are the materials they are used to. However, this means that many people will look at the stainless steel Cartier, but fortunately, Cartier is really angry, and really launched a stainless steel style. The watch is still slim, only 6.6mm thick, and the same as the previous precious metal style, the surface of the case is alternately defined by delicate brushing and polishing process, which makes it show a refined and luxurious look. Model: WSNM0011, price: 7850 US dollars


Cartier RÉVÉLATION D’UNE PANTHÈRE Cheetah Decorative Watch

Just like some wonderful things in life, only when you see it, you will feel its magic, and this latest Cartier’s wonderful work is a perfect example. The wearer simply turns his wrist, and the original empty dial will begin to be filled with small gold beads. The flow from top to bottom creates a black panther between the beards. Model: HPI01259, price: self-inquiry.