How To Identify The Quality Of Tissot Watches

1, Tissot watch quality: appearance parts

Tissot’s annual models have its design highlights, so how do we choose a good quality watch in so many well-designed styles? First, we must look at its appearance parts, which can be obtained from the Tissot watch case and watch. Check the mirror, dial and hour and minute hands.

Check what, check the case of Tissot watch without obvious scratches, the trachoma is asymmetrical; the position of the hole where the deaf is installed is centered and the depth of the hole is swatch; the mirror should have no defects and scratches, transparent and bright; three-needle installation Correct, there should be a correct safety gap between the needle and the needle, the mirror, and the dial; the dial and the pointer have a good finish and no marks.

[Twelve scales] Tissot watches do not know how to choose? How to identify the quality of Tissot watches

2, Tissot watch quality: pointer

It is recommended that the first purchase of the Tissot watch should be seen in the physical store. When checking, pay attention to check the position and spacing of the watch pointer. The watch pointer must have a certain safe distance from the watch and the dial to prevent the friction from affecting the normal position of the watch pointer. The method of operation and inspection is very simple. It is to observe whether the two pointers are at right angles when the minute and hour hands point to 3 and 9 o’clock and whether the two pointers are straight when pointing to 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock, and the two pointers point to 12 o’clock. Whether there is no deviation when they can be overlapped together.

[Twelve scales] Tissot watches do not know how to choose? How to identify the quality of Tissot watches

3, Tissot watch quality: sensitivity

Checking the sensitivity of the Tissot watch is to check the flexibility of the watch. The method of checking is also very simple. The Tissot watch that has not been struck by the spring has been gently shaken, and the force of the shaking is used to observe the movement of the second hand. If there is no problem, then slowly turn the head of the Tissot watch and observe the start of the second hand.

[Twelve scales] Tissot watches do not know how to choose? How to identify the quality of Tissot watches

4, Tissot watch quality: the last mechanism

Check if the top mechanism of the Tissot watch can be used normally. Under normal circumstances, the Tissot watch should be easier.

Only those who have contacted Tissot watches know the charm of the watch, so why are there so many watch fans, because the watch’s charm is discovered after understanding the watch, of course, after buying your favorite Tissot watch, remember to always maintain it. I found that the watch was abnormal and remember to take it in time for repair.

Watch quality identification method

With the advancement of technology, the quality of watches has changed a lot from the past to the present. In theory, a few seconds of error will occur in a few hundred years. What are the methods for quality identification of watches?

Nowadays, there are many kinds of watches, we can divide them according to their quality and price, but they are high, medium and low. They are truly famous but within 100 kinds. The famous brand watches that have been exhibited so far have a history of one or two hundred years. But now the profit of the watch is too high, and some people can’t help but copy it to earn some profits. There are three main points in their copying.

  1. Counterfeit brands

Nowadays, when people falsify brands, they mainly value those brands that are better for counterfeiting. This is mainly to earn more profits from them. In the logo, the appearance of the letter photo gallery

The original product is exactly the same, and it looks impeccable. Even packaging, text descriptions, and death certificates are available. However, the selection of the watch and the brand do not constitute a set of movements or the selection of the components of the zero component. The cost of producing the brand is lower. It is often sold in the market, the price is much lower than the original brand, but there is still a high profit. In the cities where the watch inspection is not perfect, and the non-standard shops are also sold, the users suffer huge losses. In the domestic market, watches such as fake Rolex, fake radar, and fake FIYTA were once revealed.

2, fake appearance

From the aspect of forgery, the replica of the appearance is relatively easy. Up to now, the appearance of the parts in the watch on the wrist is relatively long. For example, the Cartier watch produced in France is priced at 3.52 million yuan. Naturally produced diamonds are 36 carats, calculated at 60,000 yuan per carat, and the coordinates of light diamonds are more than 2 million yuan. Because of this, the appearance of counterfeit and shoddy should be reproduced, mainly as described below:

(1) Counterfeit and fake of the watch glass: The watch glass used up to now is as follows: plexiglass, ordinary quartz glass, blue jewel transparent crystal glass.

(2) K gold, gold-plated, gold-plated gold discrimination and counterfeit: K gold, gold-plated, the gold-plated gold surface color is yellow, not easy to distinguish, but also easy to counterfeit. Such as K gold shell: can have 10K gold, 14K gold, 18K gold, etc., in the absence of spectrometer inspection and measurement of the situation is difficult to distinguish.

(3) Naturally produced drilling mills, artificially made diamonds, rhinestones (glass drills), etc. Discrimination and counterfeiting: Naturally produced drilling plants are the hardest of all objects and are rated as Class 10 hardness.

3, counterfeit movement

The countries in which the movements are produced in the world mainly include countries with developed watches such as Switzerland, Toyo, and China. According to the movement production and sales situation, the tribute that each brand thinks is appropriate to distinguish the counterfeit and shoddy of the watch.

(3) The movement of the Swiss watch that is considered to be suitable shall be produced in Switzerland. If you see that the movement is a movement produced by Toyo, China or other countries, then it must be fake.

(1) Watches produced in China, the movements that are considered suitable and used are very complicated. There are Swiss, Oriental and domestic movements. The key is to use a little fake movement to be put into a watch for sale, shoddy, and fortune. People consumers.

(2) Any imported Dongyang watch that is considered suitable for use shall be produced by Toyo. If the movement is found to be a movement produced in Switzerland, China or other countries, the watch is a fake and shoddy good.

4, put an end to counterfeiting and prejudice, protect consumer benefits

After China’s participation in the WTO, the clocks produced by various countries have entered the domestic market through numerous channels. The competition is tighter. Zhang should adopt a treatment method to prevent the intrusion of counterfeit and shoddy goods and reduce the quality risks of goods purchased. It is imperative to strictly control the following aspects to prevent counterfeit and shoddy goods and protect consumer benefits.

(1) The production quality of the purchased goods channel and the domestic production company.

(2) Accept and hear consumer complaints about clock quality, and must achieve quality appraisal and quality notarization.

(3) Strengthen the market clock production quality supervision office, regularly check and announce the results of the spot checks, notify the production and management units, and rectify or prohibit the sale of the unsuitable standards.

We must learn to protect our consumer rights.

How to distinguish Vacheron Constantin high imitation table?

Nowadays, the work of domestic high imitation watches is getting better and better, and the degree of simulation is getting higher and higher. Many Vacheron Constantin’s replicas high imitation watches have already reached the real thing. So how can we identify the Vacheron Constantin high imitation table? Here I will bring you a method to identify the Vacheron Constantin imitation table for your reference.

Identify Vacheron Constantin’s high imitation method

  1. Process.

Vacheron Constantin’s work is exquisite and delicate, the joints are tight and flexible, the corners are smooth and hornless, and the plating is even and bright. The text on the surface and back is clear. The fake is rougher and the rotation of the bracelet is not flexible enough.

  1. Packaging.

The real table packaging is very particular, the watch box is very beautiful, there are beautifully produced manuals or warranty cards; the fake watches are rough, the fonts will be blurred, and even without these packaging materials.

  1. Source.

Vacheron Constantin has a formal invoice, the selling price and the public price will not differ too much.

  1. Movement

There are also differences in the movement. The authentic movement process is cumbersome, but each part is finely ground and measured and looks clean and tidy, and the text printed on it is clear. The fake Vacheron Constantin watch movements are sometimes not very secure, and some imitations have fingerprints, slight scratches, etc., and the text printed on them is also different. In addition, some numbers are engraved to indicate the movement number and shell number of the plum blossom watch. Most of the patterns and letters engraved on the back cover of the fake Vacheron Constantin watch are very rough and fuzzy, and the shell number and movement number are unknown.

  1. See the true and false through the certificate of authenticity.

The certificate of authenticity will only be issued after Vacheron Constantin’s traditional watchmaking department after detailed examination by the experts of the traditional watchmaking department. It will bring you a professional service and provide you with a certificate of authenticity that can identify the authenticity of the watch. A detailed description of the various features of the components, a description of the features and design, and a production year for reference.

However, some people say that they should not be distinguished by the naked eye. The current high imitation is very realistic, and it is not that the experts cannot see it. Then go directly to the store to distinguish; or call the Vacheron Constantin global hotline; or according to the number on each form to query, no one is the same, the number on the global warranty card can also identify the authenticity.