What Happens When The Watch Does Not Go?

If the hour hand of the watch doesn’t work, it is more troublesome. Sometimes it will affect our control of time and even delay some important things, so let’s take a look at the watch hour hand. Why not work?

What happens when the watch doesn’t work?

The hour hand does not go, there are several reasons:

First, the hour hand is loose;

Second, there may be a collision of the watch, causing the hour hand to bend;

Third, it is also possible that the oil is dry, and the watch needs to be cleaned and oiled.

As for what causes the hour hand not to go, you’d better go to a professional watch repair center for testing. This will find the reason and repair.

What should I do if the watch does not go?

  1. The battery is dead: The most common reason why the quartz watch does not go is that the battery is dead.

Solution: Change a new battery.

  1. Insufficient power: Some friends wear watches not wearing them every day or wearing them for a short time each day, which leads to insufficient power of the automatic mechanical watch and the watch does not go away. The automatic mechanical watch winds the watch by arm movement. If the amount of exercise is insufficient or not worn, the watch will not go away. Automatic mechanical watches of various brands are the principle.

Solution: Wear more, exercise more, remember to wind up when not wearing.

  1. The needle touches the watch: the Minute hand is too high or the minute hand is uneven, and the center hole of the main plate is worn. This will cause the center pin and the second pinion to decrease in concentricity, the surface glass is deformed, etc.,