Montblanc’s new 1858 watch: khaki green returns to nature

Inspired by the mountain adventure spirit, Montblanc’s new 1858 series watch with the bronze case, new khaki green dial and the same color “NATO” woven strap bring you close to nature.

Inspired by the legendary Minerva Professional Military and Mountain Adventure Watches of the 1920s and 1930s, Montblanc launched several new 1858 series timepieces during the 2019 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Show, paying tribute to the excellence of the Memphis Watch Factory. watch history and heritage. These legendary Minerva watches are extremely accurate and easy to read, and they maintain reliability under extreme conditions. The three new timepieces are elegantly blended with khaki green and bronze to show the spirit of being close to nature. Whether it’s hiking through forests, wilderness or conquering the highest peaks, Montblanc’s new 1858 series of self-winding watches, automatic chronographs, and Geosphere watches are courageous adventurers and explorers’ trusted time companions.

The Minerva watch factory in Villers, Switzerland, dates back to 1859 when Charles-Yvan Robert founded a watchmaking workshop in the small village of St. Mill Valley. Subsequently, with its accurate chronograph, Mina Watch has been recognized by the global watchmaking industry and quickly became a leader in the field of professional watchmaking and chronographs.

Inheriting the fine watchmaking tradition of Mei Nashua, paying tribute to the history of excellence in watchmaking for more than 160 years, Montblanc has launched the new 1858 series timepiece, which is inspired by the fine watchmaking of Mei Nashua, bearing in mind the brilliant achievements of a hundred years.

Mountain adventure spirit

The Montblanc 1858 series is inspired by the mountain adventure spirit. The new timepiece uses khaki green to echo nature, while reinterpreting the Mayweather chronographs and chronographs of the 1920s and 1930s, inheriting the classics in a modern way. soul. The new timepiece uses a vintage bronze case and aluminum that is more beautiful as the years go by and is equipped with innovative and practical homemade and practical complex functions. It is a reliable companion for outdoor adventure. These modern adventurers who are passionate about challenges dare to express themselves, be loyal to their individual styles, pursue the truth, love adventure, and create a new height in living in harmony with nature.

The bronze case is polished and satin-finished with curved chamfer lugs. The bronze-colored watch back is made of hypoallergenic titanium, engraved with the Mont Blanc mountain pattern and a compass and two hailstones to highlight the mountain adventure. The watch also has other exquisite design details, including a grooved crown that emulates an antique timepiece, and around box-shaped convex sapphire crystal for added retro texture.

In order to achieve legibility and aesthetics, Montblanc’s new 1858 watch features a khaki green dial for a more luminous illuminator. The cloisonné-designed cathedral-style pointer is historically rich, with finely polished sides arched and slightly raised. The dial features beige Arabic numerals with a Super-LumiNova® luminous coating and a classic rail-shaped minute scale. The Montblanc logo uses the trademark style used in the 1930s: text written in historical fonts and Mont Blanc. (Mont Blanc) mountain peak logo.

In keeping with the modern aesthetic, Montblanc’s new 1858 watch is equipped with a high-quality NATO woven strap from a traditional French weaving factory with a history of more than 150 years. Its extraordinary handcrafted craftsmanship makes this NATO strap elegant, durable and durable. It is extremely comforteth to wear.

To ensure product performance, all Montblanc brand 1858 series timepieces have been simulated for 500 hours and passed special tests under extreme conditions. The self-winding watch, the automatic chronograph, and the Geosphere world time watches are water-resistant to 100 meters to ensure stability in all environments.

Montblanc’s new 1858 series watch

In 2019, Montblanc introduced four new 1858 series timepieces: two new 1858 series self-winding watches, an 1858 series automatic chronograph, and an 1858 series Geosphere world time watch.

Two Montblanc new 1858 series self-winding watches feature a 40mm all-bronze case (previously with a steel case and bronze bezel) with a khaki green dial or a steel case with a black dial. Montblanc’s new 1858 series automatic chronograph uses a 42 mm full bronze case with a khaki green dial, perfect for a double-timed small dial. Montblanc’s new 1858 series of the Geosphere world time watch pays high tribute to the “Seven Peaks” challenges and introduces a new bronze with its green watch.

Montblanc’s new 1858 series is expected to be fully launched in the Chinese market in 2019.

* Super-LumiNova® is not all trademarks of Montblanc

Montblanc’s new 1858 series Geosphere world time watch (limited to 1858 pieces)

Montblanc’s new 1858 series automatic chronograph (limited to 1858 pieces)

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