TUTIMA Extension TUTIMA China’s First!

On May 31, 2019, the well-known German watch brand TUTIMA will welcome its first launch in China

TUTIMA, formerly known as Di Ma, was born in Glashütte, the German watchmaking sanctuary. It inherits Glashütte’s classic watchmaking tradition and has been in existence for nearly a hundred years. Not only popular in the last century, but also the only designated code watch for German pilots, shocking Europe in the war, leading the trend of watches to replace pocket watches; coming to the modern world, also very popular in the world watch, such as the Guinness Certification World Box Office The highest actor, “Star Wars” Jedi Master, “Avengers” SHIELD Director Samuel Jackson, “Rwanda Hotel” starring, once nominated Oscar’s Don Chander, “Die Hard” “Day of the Dead” starring Bruce Willis, as well as “The Godfather” starring, Oscar-winning film, one of the greatest actors in the world’s film history, Al Pacino, is dumped by his charm, worn many times in front of the camera.

Now, as an important witness of the history of German clocks, TUTIMA has been sweeping through the centuries of dust and glory, carrying its four major watch series, and will soon unveil a new page in the history of German watchmaking with Chinese connoisseurs.

At that time, you can witness this grand historical moment by landing on the TUTIMA  flagship store.

Grand Flieger Grand Pilot Series

King of European airspace in war

The Grand Flieger Grand Pilot’s collection was inspired by the pilot’s watch that was used in the history of the German Air Force. In the 1940s, TUTIMA was favored by the industry for its reliable performance and classic design and was designated as the only official code watch by the German Air Force. In the war, the German Air Force pilot wearing TUTIMA  created the strongest air combat record in Europe, and the reputation of TUTIMA  was also spread all over the world.

Grand Flieger series faithfully inherits the fine tradition of the 1941 TUTIMA Pilots. The creation of the UROFA 59 movement was also the first German timepiece with a segmented timing (Tempostopp), creating a precedent for aesthetic and functional standards in the field of German watches. In the blink of an eye, 78 years have passed and everything seems to have not changed. The TUTIMAa pilot’s watch in the 1940s has become an unparalleled legend, but its design, its reliability, and its DNA have long been passed down to the present.

M2 Sports Series

One person, one watch, seven seas

The principle of TUTIMA’s professional timepiece is that it never compromises on functionality and reliability. The brand was developed in 1984 with a chronograph that can be used at an altitude of 15,000 meters and can withstand explosion shocks, vibrations, and accelerations of up to 7g in all directions. Because of such outstanding performance, it was re-expropriated by the German Air Force and is still the designated watch for German military pilots.

TUTIMA is not only satisfied with the use of professional users but also hopes to benefit sports enthusiasts, the M2 sports series came into being. Modified from the 1984 classic chronograph, it is equipped with TUTIMA’s self-produced movement, which achieves amazing precision while using titanium with a lighter weight, higher hardness and more allergy resistance as case protection. Whether you are in the sky or in the deep sea, you can handle it.

Saxon One City Series

Strong and elegant bells from Saxony

Moving into the new generation of timepieces, the Saxon One urban collection is the perfect embodiment of Glashütte’s watchmaking art. The evolution process witnessed the spirit of persisting in innovation, breaking through the traditional restrictions, integrating sports style and elegant design, and proposing a new creative style for the German watch industry.

The unique pyramid-shaped case is also unique in the history of world watchmaking. The circle blends harmoniously with the square lines, polished and satin-finished, with a strong or deep dial color for an unparalleled aesthetic. It can not only show the grandeur of the atmosphere in the sport but also show the elegance and restraint beauty in the wrist.

Patria Harmony Series

Let the clock be more beautiful.

For centuries, Germany has maintained a tradition of making beautiful gold watches. After TUTIMA led the German watch industry to re-emerge, the local watchmakers and their wonderful works once again enjoyed a worldwide reputation. Through the Patria Harmony series, the brand revives Glashütte’s deep-rooted traditional ideas: noble, beautiful and precise.

Located under the exquisite dial, it is a hand-wound movement handcrafted by Master Glashütte. This exquisite craftsmanship has been highly praised by collectors and connoisseurs for centuries and remains so today: The meticulously polished three-quarter splint, the delicate decoration of the balance wheel, escapement and gold sleeve add glory to the noble aesthetics of Glashütte’s watchmaking sanctuary.

About TUTIMA :

TUTIMA, formerly known as Di Ma, is now translated into Chinese name. It originated from the German watchmaking glacta in 1927. The name comes from the Latin word “TUTUS”, meaning “safety and guardian”. At a time when the German watchmaking industry was on the verge of collapse due to war, TUTIMA pioneered the modern industrial production model and saved the Glashütte watchmaking industry. TUTIMA created the first watch movement outside Switzerland, the first movement in Germany with segmented chronograph function, and the first-minute repeater in Glashütte, leading many times in Germany. The technical and aesthetic standards of the watch industry. In the period of World War II and the 1980s, it became the designated watch for the German Air Force pilots, further demonstrating the outstanding performance of TUTIMA Tuo Tianma. Today, TUTIMA has become world-renowned for its profound historical precipitation and unparalleled watchmaking art.