The artistic style under the contemporary trend Swatch 2019 autumn and winter new hot hit

On July 25, 2019, the Swiss watch brand Swatch held a new 2019 autumn and winter watch release conference in Shanghai. The event showcases a number of exquisite fashion timepieces, each of which perfectly displays the new concept of current trend aesthetics. The distinctive design style makes each watch contain a soul-like artistic style.


SWATCH 2019 autumn and winter new product launch site

The BAU SWATCH series, which was launched by the Swatch brand, is the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus art style. This year, the brand has specially integrated art and technology to launch the new 2019 BAU SWATCH series. Watch.


SWATCH 2019 autumn and winter new product launch site

In 1919, the charming Bauhaus art style was born, founded in a German design school, and later developed into a modern art movement featuring unique architectural styles and design techniques.

Swatch combines the innovation and fun design concept of Bauhaus’s artistic charm with the simple three primary colors and simple and smooth lines as the design inspiration of BAU SWATCH, leading the public to reproduce the classics of the 20th century. The BAU SWATCH watch is at the same time. It was all listed in July this year.


This collection shows the most beautiful human culture of the time, with a strong ethnic style in every watch – paisley vortex texture, floral, lace or geometric patterns.

Swatch’s new LOVE YOUR FOLK watch is designed with an exquisite and fun design. This watch is more suiwatch for autumn and winter clothing. It is expected to be launched in September this year.


The collection features a gorgeous sparkling artistic character, with Gothic black and red tones, a large decorative brocade, and a blend of Swatch’s relaxed and fun design style, showing an era of aristocratic age in the square. Aristocratic costumes, court designs, etc. are very suiwatch for wearing a variety of luxurious clothing, but also can be used as beautiful trend jewelry to decorate their wrists.

The above is the 2019 new autumn and winter watch presented by Swatch. The BAU SWATCH series watches are all on the market. Interested friends don’t put them in the store to try them out. Let’s feel the uniqueness brought by Bauhaus art. The style, coupled with the price positioning of the people, how can such a charming watch be missed?

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