The disadvantages and benefits of buying a hollow watch

The hollow watch in the middle also has a hollow clock in the mechanical clock, also known as the “skeleton clock” or “skeleton clock”, because usually these clocks are covered by a large glass cover, the clock core can be seen in all directions, and the core splint is also gold-plated. frame. As a timepiece, its precise structure and exquisite machinings are art and anesthetic, so it must be appreciated;


There is also a timepiece that is a magical little machine, a wonderful mechanical device, the wheels are constantly moving, all the parts are meticulous as if it was inspired, just like life. The frame splint of the hollow watch core has no cover, and even the winding box has no cover so that each moment and working state of the mechanical watch can be clearly observed.


The advantages of hollowed-out watches:


Even if the layman looks very lively, it is very interesting. This is the advantage of a hollow watch. Seagull hollow watches are more expensive, especially on the plywood. Many of them are hand-made master watches. Antique pocket watches have an “eight-piece” form. The core splint is carved into a cloud pattern, commonly known as “cloud.” The board”, although not hollow, is obvious to all in the collectibles market.

Advantages of the hollow watch:


Very expensive. Many of Switzerland’s watches are hollow watches. They are a high-end watch, such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Breguet, etc. Most of the functions are simple, that is, there are no complicated functions on the hand string. But the price is much more expensive than the average watch.


The advantages of hollowed-out watches are three:


Hollow watches These watches are produced in small batches, and precious metals are also used in core splints. In addition to the simple function, the hollow watch is also made of an ultra-thin watch, and the entire core thickness is generally no more than 2 mm.


The advantages of hollowed-out watches:


However, from the performance of the watch, the larger the thicker the movement, the easier it is to ensure the accuracy of the travel time. Therefore, hollow watches do not rely on accuracy or travel time performance to win. Swiss hollow watches have complex functions, not counting functions, that is, they are much more expensive, and they will also be made into a transparent case for easy viewing and playback.


At present, some domestic watch manufacturers are also producing hollow watches. It is estimated that they only saw huge profits in sales and some watches have failed.


The shortcomings of the hollow watch:


Although they spent a lot of energy and energy to drill core splints, modify the surface, and then gold-plated, they ignored the most important issues. The strength and support force of the core splint is greatly reduced, and the gap cannot be reliably ensured (hand). The gap between the parts of the watch is small, which makes the watch easy to break. special


Shortcomings of the hollow watch:


Don’t be an exaggeration for some watches. As for the splints, they are made into nets. The other is to use the Swiss watch purchased by yourself to hollow out. These watches are prone to problems. Whether using the Swiss ETA or the Japanese mechanical watch, they chose the automatic movement, the hollow watch movement, it is difficult to control the automatic gyroscope, which is very heavy, keep spinning when wearing, which direction has strength.


Shortcomings of the hollow watch:


It also includes automatic winding, which will put a lot of pressure on the splint after full stringing, especially the parts that will produce sliding moments.

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