Tissot Watch Introduction

Tissot is a Swiss watch, a well-known brand in Switzerland, what brand of watches is Tissot?

Tissot is a Swiss watch brand with a price of several thousand or so. It has a high reputation in China.

Tissot is a medium and high-end watch. The best Tissot sells in the country is the Lilock series, which sells for more than 4,000. Other common models, quartz watches are priced at 2000-4000, and mechanical watches are priced at 4000-6000.

Born in 1853 in the cradle of watch manufacturing in Switzerland. With a spirit of constant innovation in the tradition, after 150 years, Tissot’s name has spread to more than 150 countries on five continents, becoming one of the immortal Swiss watch brands in the world, and has repeatedly won international awards and awards. From a small town in the city of Miluo to now marketing to 150 countries on five continents, and becoming a brand that represents the quality and precision of Swiss products, Tissot is a legend in itself, telling the world that the brand is growing and constantly rolling out. New designs and new craft achievements make customers always full of surprises. Just like the company’s purpose: extraordinary creativity, stemming from tradition. Why do Tissot watches have a number of 1853? For each Tissot watch, there is “TISSOT 1853” on the surface. In fact, 1853 represents the year in which the Tissot watch was born, not the series or model of the Tissot watch.

Tissot TlistOT series T41.1.183.33 ladies mechanical watch

This Tissot-Lilock series T41.1.183.33 ladies mechanical watch, this Tissot 1853 female watch is elegant and worthy of your own! The white dial has a unique oil-grid design, and the Roman scale and the bar scale perfectly combine to show the female Dignified mysterious beauty; equipped with ETA2671 Swiss original self-winding movement, vibration frequency up to 4 Hz, that is, 28800 vibrations per hour, to ensure more accurate and swatch travel time; with hour, minute, second and date display function, practical not fancy; crown The function is extremely simplified, and a small “T” Tissot LOGO is engraved in detail; the case and strap materials are made of 316L stainless steel which is non-irritating to the skin, with a butterfly buckle, simple and convenient; solid stainless steel seamless bottom Not afraid of pervasion, let you always be elegant;

Tissot-Carson Series T95.1.183.311 Women’s mechanical watch inherits the classic and dignified design concept, simple and elegant design and solemn and elegant color matching. This Tissot 1853 female watch allows you to wear it at any time and occasion. Delivers a subtle, elegant and graceful atmosphere. The black dial is more mysterious and fascinating with the silvery and simple three-needle. The ETA2671 Swiss original self-winding movement has a vibration frequency of up to 4 Hz, which is 28,800 vibrations per hour, ensuring more precise and swatch travel time; with hours, minutes and seconds. The date display function is practical and not fancy; the bottom of the watch is transparent, and the transparent sapphire crystal glass bottom cover fully enjoys the detailed internal walking state, and the exquisite watchmaking process is unobstructed.

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