Why Is Hublot So Hot?

A horizontal comparison in today’s watch shows that most of the models can be divided into two factions: classic and trend.

Classics, dozens of hundreds of years of design that have never been changed, typical examples such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, etc.; trenders, emerging soon, breaking the routine, maverick, typical representatives such as RM, and what we are going to say today, Hublot.

There must be a statement in advance here, no matter the old school, there is no distinction between the old and the old, only about personal taste. Focusing on one point, you can be called a special feature.

The new wave of Hublot lies in its application to various new materials, which should be regarded as a unique one in the same price brand. The brand’s founding was also related to the material. In 1980, Hublot created the first time to combine the gold material with the rubber strap to create the “first time” of the watch history. Since then, it has been out of control and ran all the way on the road of developing new materials.

In the introduction of the person in charge, Hublot’s various black technology materials have been demonstrated. For example, Wang Jin, special titanium alloy, colorful ceramics, carbon fiber, magic gold, and even a rare sapphire case… I personally think that this should be the biggest weight of Hublot’s competition with the same price brand.

Later, the introduction came to another “new” place of Hublot: cross-border cooperation. Originally, the cross-border cooperation of watch brands was nothing new, but the special thing about Hublot lies in its cooperation. According to my personal comparison, many cross-border cooperation objects of luxury watches are biased towards niche, elegant, expensive, traditional fields such as equestrian, sailing, etc. The difference between Hublot is that it dares to Go to cross-border cooperation with some units that are biased towards the masses, the streets, and trendy, and more grounded. Of course, this is just a rough analysis of my personal presentation based on what I have heard. It is not absolute. There is no difference between these two directions.

Hublot’s cross-border cooperation is divided into two categories: sports and art.

One of the most classic collaborations in the sports world is cooperation with the football community. According to reports, before this, football has always been regarded as a civilian and street-based sport, so there are not many luxury watch brands that are willing to cooperate with it. Hublot has extended an olive branch to the football industry and has become a sponsor of a number of major events. He has chosen soccer celebrities such as Bailey, Mbale, and Mourinho as spokespersons, and is the pioneer in the same class.

In terms of art cooperation, Hublot’s choice of partners is also different from the traditional, relatively more “wild”, more street, and more trend. For example, the tattoo watch with the tattoo master Maxim Butch became one of the brand’s hottest watches and was often booked as soon as it was released. The few physical objects we saw on the scene were told that they had already “named flowers and masters.” It can be seen from this that Hublot’s cross-border cooperation is characterized by “young” and “avant-garde”.

Based on the above, we can see that the new material and the new cooperation are the most obvious features of Hublot, and it is also the “new wave” of it. In my opinion, this is the DNA of Hublot. When a brand has its own DNA, it can be distinguished from competitors at the same price and build a solid fan base and circle. From this perspective, Hublot will have a very strong vitality and good market potential in the future.

The 9-point window is the number of holes that can be calculated

Second, another point I am concerned about is the movement. I especially watched a few watches and had some exchanges with the brand side. The results were quite satisfactory. Now Hublot’s self-produced movements have made very good progress, such as the tourbillon, long power, and other technologies are very amazing, especially the 50-day long power has created a new record in the watchmaking world. If Hublot can continue to maintain such power on the movement, the future is worth looking forward to.

Before that, I also took a look at the new situation of Hublot at this year’s Pakistan show. According to my observation, the main series is a classic fusion series of round case with Ferrari cooperation and Big Bang Sang with the tattooist. The Bleu II series and the Spirit of Big Bang series of barrel-shaped cases are the mainstays, each of which maintains the characteristics of “new materials” and “new cooperation”. And my personal favorite is the Spirit of Big Bang series of barrel-shaped cases.

For personal taste, I Prefer a barrel-shaped shell. Take a look at the map I took and I will know that driving is not difficult. My wrist is relatively thin, and these models are all around 44~45mm, which still doesn’t look very big. It is also a very comfortable watch to wear.

Speaking of wearing feelings, it is worth mentioning that most of Hublot’s current models are based on rubber straps. We rarely saw a few belts at the scene, picked up a question, but still have another mystery. Originally, this strap was divided into two sides, the outward-facing side was the crocodile leather strap, and the side facing the wrist was a rubber strap. In this way, both the appearance of the belt and the actual wearing is still the experience of the rubber belt. (Anyone who wears a belt on a hot day knows what I am talking about)

In addition, the brand side also showed us a unique strap quick release system on the spot. The process of changing the strap is extremely fast: one button is used to remove the strap; the new strap is inserted into the recess and replaced. Finished. The whole journey is only one or two seconds.

I believe that many of my friends are as old as me, and I am still quite impressed with Hublot. In fact, there are quite a few places where this emerging brand is worth exploring and exploring.

Ok, what is your impression of Hublot?

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